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Temptation Island Host Mark L. Walberg Responds to Fan Who Wants Longer Bonfires

Mark L. Walberg responded to a Temptation Island fan on Twitter who had an idea about how to change the show.

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island's Mark Walberg sits during a bonfire

Everyone knows the best part of Temptation Island is the explosive bonfires in which the couples have to see the various ways their significant others have cheated on them during their time in the villas with the singles. While it may be tempting (wink) to want to see a lot more of the bonfire segments, host Mark L. Walberg is here to tell fans that’s not a good idea.

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Anyone who watches Temptation Island is aware that Walberg dishes out some top-notch wisdom to the couples throughout their time on the show. Never is his brand of sage, calming advice more helpful than immediately after they’ve watched their partner betray them. It’s the whole conceit of the show and, if we’re all being honest with ourselves, super entertaining. How often in life is a cheater caught so thoroughly red-handed? 

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However, when one fan on Twitter suggested that the bonfires, because they’re so entertaining, be longer or even air fully uncut, Walberg stepped in to put the kibosh on that in a big hurry. 

“The bonfire tapings are much longer than you could imagine,” he explained. “It would be the whole episode and more if we didn’t cut them down. And i’m not sure you’d want to hear the whole thing!  But Some deep stuff actually does happen in those convos.” 

We don’t doubt that Walberg helps get deep with the couples at the bonfires. Although he’s not an actual therapist, some of the things he says have an almost eerie way of making the scorned lovers not only feel better but excited to get back to their villas and continue on their journey of self-growth where others would simply need to fold their cards and go home. 

So, if he says the bonfire clips are as long as they should be, we’re inclined to believe him. After all, although it’s often explosive to see the couple’s reactions, it’s in the villas that all the action and drama takes place. It’s also where they’re going to succumb to temptation. In a weird way, when the groups are at the bonfires, they’re at their safest on the island since, well, there’s no one there to tempt them. 

For the Season 5 couples, they only have to endure a few more bonfires before it’s time to reunite with their significant others and face the music in person about everything they’ve been up to on the island so far. Who, if anyone, will stay together? Curious fans will just have to tune in to the remainder of Season 5 to find out. 

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA Network. Catch up on past episodes on Peacock now.