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USA Insider The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

McBee Dynasty’s Galyna Shares Updates on Her and Steve Sr.’s Living, Working Situation

The McBee Dynasty star revealed how she felt seeing Steve McBee Sr. romance another woman on the show.

By Stephanie Gomulka

The lines between business and pleasure get blurry in Season 1 of The McBee Dynasty: Real American CowboysThe head of the family business Steve McBee Sr. and his Chief Financial Officer Galyna Saltkovska partake in a romantic relationship, which according to Steve Sr. was noncommittal.

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“I have been completely transparent with Galyna,” McBee previously told USA Insider.  “She's one of the best humans I've ever met in my life, and I sincerely mean that. I would do anything for her, but I have told her, 'I don't want to live with you. I don't want to be in a full-time relationship.'"

We caught up with Galyna to find out the latest about their relationship details since the show started airing.

Are Galyna Saltkovska and Steve McBee Sr. still seeing each other?

The cast is putting the “personal stuff” behind them and getting to work, according to Galyna.

“You’re going straight to the important things,” Galyna said, laughing when asked if she and Steve Sr. were still an item at all. “Actually, right now my mind is…on work so I’m focusing on the ranch, the show, and growing my personal business opportunities.”

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She pointed to the McBee car washes and opening additional businesses like a protein snacks line as some of the projects keeping her busy.

When did Galyna and Steve McBee first get together?

They first linked up romantically once McBee got divorced, Galyna said. 

Steve McBee stands outside in The McBee Dynasty Season 1 Episode 9.

“We started seeing each other, you know, more frequently and it just was kind of a process because obviously Steve kind of had a complicated situation and we already been working together so it was just a work in progress at all times," she explained.

While work might be her focus right now, Galyna is still living with McBee.

“We are in one household,” Saltkovska said, touching on the situation right now. She added: “It’s actually okay. I work very long hours so I usually don’t even get back until nine everyday and then I just kind of…I do my workout, sit in the sauna, we talk about business or you know the show and all the things that are happening, you know grab dinner.”

The situation is “normal,” according to Saltkovska.  

“We are grown adults,” she explained. “We have so much to look forward to with our companies and we’re definitely not going to let our personal relationship or any kind of tensions over some kind of romantic things get in the way.”

McBee is trying have a home built for Saltkovska, he previously shared with USA Insider.

“I gotta get her in her own house where we could have some separation,” McBee said at the time. “It’s a touch-and-go situation because I need her in my businesses, like for sure.”

What are Women Attracted to in Steve McBee Sr.? CFO Galyna Saltkovska Shares Her Take on the Farmer

“The most important quality about Steve that women are attracted to is his confidence,” Galyna said. “I think this is something that women definitely flock to the most.”

Even so, Saltkovska says she isn’t going to be left waiting around for him to commit.

“I cannot speak for him,” Galyna said about if they have a future down the road together. “It’s not something that I’m going to be standing on and waiting for and hope for, desperately, but I mean if it changes, good for him. Nobody ever hurts from a good, healthy, committed relationship.”

Galyna appears in Season 1 Episode 5 of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys.

She’s not currently seeing anyone else, she said, though she “would hope” McBee would be jealous if she brought someone new around.

Even outside the romantic side of things, she thinks they have a great working relationship.

“We’ve learned how to trust each other and work with each other’s personality,” she said. "That’s where we complement each other very well.”

McBee has a “unique personality,” she explained.

“He is go, go, go…,” she continued, noting McBee trusts her with the businesses. “He always reaches out to me…any kind of complex situation, I know that I am his go-to person to…help him resolve that."

Galyna reacts to watching Steve Sr.’s other relationships on McBee's Dynasty

Galyna is not the only woman in McBee's complicated love life: He also dates a woman named Brooke during Season 1.

“Definitely was not the most comfortable experience,” Galyna said about watching Brooke and McBee's moments together on the show. “I still did not know what type of relationship that they had with each other, or how did it look.”

Brooke appears in Season 1 Episode 4 of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys.

She considered describing the experience as "sobering."

“Watching all that on TV and…how they interacted,” she furthered. “Clearly understanding this is not how our relationships taking place, you know, we don’t have the same dates. We don’t really go out. We don’t communicate in the same way.”

Watch all of Season 1 of The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys streaming now on Peacock. The series also airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.