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Coye Reflects on Love Island USA Journey: "I'm Rooting for Everybody"

Coye Simmons was the first to leave the villa in Season 6 and now offers advice to future Islanders.

By Clara Faulkner

Love Island USA continues to capture hearts and spark drama as contestants navigate romance, alliances, and the quest for true love in the sun-soaked villa.

As the show welcomes a new host, Ariana Madix, and unfolds in the breathtaking surroundings of Fiji, Season 6 of Love Island USA has already proven to be a whirlwind of emotions and surprises. 

Coye Simmons' departure highlighted the show's unpredictable nature, prompting contestants and viewers alike to ponder the joys and challenges of love and friendship in this exotic setting. 

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Despite his short time on the island, Coye's positivity and genuine connections left a lasting impression, hinting at more surprises and relationships to come in future episodes.

Coye Simmons Has no Hard Feelings with Love Island USA Contestants

Love Island Season 6's Coye

In an interview with USA Insider, Coye shared that, despite being the first to exit the villa, he made new friends and gained valuable insights. When asked if he is rooting for any specific couple, he expressed support for everyone.

“I'm rooting for everybody. I'm rooting for them.” Coye said, "I genuinely hope everybody finds like they leave with their person. I hope somebody finds love with somebody else.”

Coye emphasized his wholehearted support for all the participants, expressing a genuine wish for everyone to find their perfect match. He reflected on the bonds within the villa, noting how the shared experience fostered lasting friendships. 

“I feel like everybody in there is genuinely cool to meet people. I feel like we are all gonna be friends for life after this for sure.”

Coy Simmons On His Early Elimination

Love Island USA Season 6 Cast

Reflecting on being the first eliminated this season, Coye admitted, “It was kind of like, it was a little shocking, I'm not gonna lie.” 

Despite this unexpected turn, he remained optimistic about his experience and the connections he made.

“My thoughts now were that I wish I had more options, and instead of putting all my eggs in one basket, I feel like I just kind of put everything on one person. I really should have just been jumping around from person to person,” he explained.

Coye shared insights into the complexities of coupling dynamics, noting how initial pairings sometimes conflicted with his genuine connections with others. 

“Because I first felt like when I was coupled up, I feel like, OK, it's like, OK, I got to stay with this person because I'm coupled up. But at the same time, people were coupled up and still having a conversation with the people," he said.

Amidst these dynamics, Coye recalled a moment that left a lasting impression on him, highlighting the challenges faced in navigating relationships on Love Island USA. 

“When I had three women stand on my heart, that was the most memorable moment.”

His advice to upcoming Islanders

Coye's advice to upcoming Islanders reflects on his unique experience of adjusting to life in the villa, where the absence of technology and constant distractions allowed for a deeper, more immediate connection with others.

“I was just thinking like, OK, it's one of the types of things where I want to follow somebody. I kind of just played it in real life or just like not having a phone and being able to connect faster with no social media, no distractions, nobody coming. That was like an adjustment. That was just different for me,” Coye shared.

Transitioning from personal experience to imparting advice, Coye emphasized the importance of authenticity for future Islanders.

"My advice would be just to go in and be yourself. Be genuine. Just be open. Just be a genuine person going into it,” he concluded.

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