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Here's How To Apply (Or Nominate Your Friends) To Be On Temptation Island

In an exclusive interview with Temptation Island executive producer Trifari Williams and the show's casting director Doron Ofir, they revealed what they're looking for while going through applications.

By Becca van Sambeck
How to Apply to Be on Temptation Island

It seems like almost everyone who goes on Temptation Island walks away with a greater understanding of themselves and a head start on a self-growth journey. Of course, they also leave with plenty of wild memories, crazy stories of partying in a gorgeous villa, and new friendships.

How to Watch

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Season 5 of Temptation Island premieres on June 14, and the masterminds behind the show's casting will once again be able to show off the hard work they've done to find the perfect batch of couples at a crossroads in their relationships — as well as the singles there to tempt them into something new. The casting process is robust and a lucky few are chosen for the grand experiment in paradise that will help shape their lives for years to come, all under the watchful eye of host Mark L. Walberg

If that sounds appealing to you and you're unsure about your relationship or a single looking for love, you may want to consider joining Temptation Island. But how do you do it, and what is the show looking for? To get an answer to these questions and more, USA Insider digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka spoke with executive producer Trifari Williams and the show's casting director Doron Ofir.

"We always want to know what your why is in casting. Like, what's your why? Why are you here? What brought you here? What led up to today? Once we cast the couples, we're also trying to match singles with those couples. It's not willy-nilly. It's not like, 'Oh, just get eight hot guys and eight hot girls and then throw them in there.' No, it's 'What are your interests so that we can see if we have people that are compatible for you?'" Williams told Gomulka.

When it comes to actually getting on the show, you first need to head to the right website to apply. If you're a single, you'll head to If you're in a relationship that's at a crossroads, you'll apply at

"The application is very well thought out. Our questions are meant to sort of flush out the wannabes and sort of the fame seekers ... Interestingly enough, most of the applications we get are legitimate," Ofir explained. " Everybody on my team reads every application. Every application is rated. We do a follow-up call. We check their social media. We cross reference what's real and what's not. We set up video interviews with them. We do preliminary video interviews and they go into a second video interview, a digital interview just like this. Then that is presented to Shafari, and then we talk about each one. It's a fascinating process, and it's not an easy process. For people who just want to be on TV, this one's not the easiest, because they have to jump through so many sort of levels to get to the end, so that the finished product that the audience sees is really the best of the best."

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While you can obviously apply yourself and for your partner to be on the show, you can also use those applications to nominate someone you know to participate. Those applications, Ofir says, are even given special consideration.

"[We get] parents and grandparents who are like, 'I want you to meet my son.' It's so funny to think, but they know their family better than not. So we take those kinds of nomination emails very seriously, and we will make an extra effort to contact those people because we want to know why!" she said.

To learn more about the application process, watch Gomulka's interview with Williams and Ofir, above.

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