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What Are The Best Reality TV Shows To Go On To Find Love?

If you want to find your perfect partner on TV for all the world to see, these shows are your best bet to do so. 

By Tyler McCarthy

There is perhaps nothing more universally sought after in this world than love — that’s why so many reality TV shows are dedicated to helping people find the person of their dreams. However, with so many options out there, some hopeful candidates may be wondering where they should really go if they want to find romance on TV. 

Fortunately, in 2022, there is no shortage of options for someone with the talent and know-how to get cast on a reality show. At this point the difficulty is not if someone looking for love will get on TV, but where they’ll go. To help anyone who is hoping to meet their significant other and have their meet-cute captured on camera for all the world to see, here's a rundown of just some of the best places to find love on the air. 

"Temptation Island"

Temptation Island cast seated in a line

Obviously, USA Network’s  series about finding love makes the list. 

“Temptation Island” not only gives couples a chance to meet someone new, but it goes above and beyond to test the current relationship between couples who are wondering if they’ve found their forever person or their right now person. 

Host Mark L. Walberg brings couples to the island and separates them for a few weeks, having them to live in an idyllic island villa with a slew of single suitors to see if they’ll ultimately decide to stay with the person they came with, head home single, or leave with someone else.

While some couples break up, others find someone special. At the end of the day, weeding out false love is just as important as finding true love. 

"The Courtship"

Usa Network The Courtship 1 Iconicimg 72 Dpi 1440 X 1080 4 3 1

While there are a lot of shows that bring a single person to a beautiful location and put them through a series of dates and meetings to see who is the most compatible, “The Courtship” gets back to basics by taking its subjects to a time when romance was something different than it is in the modern era. 

Hosted and narrated by Rick Edwards, the show sees everyone participate in Regency-era traditions including wardrobe and lifestyle. It harkens back to a time when marriage was something that the whole community got involved in as everyone wanted to see their family member meet someone who was worthy of their status. 

If you’re looking to find love but feel the modern landscape of dating just doesn’t work for you, perhaps a turn on “The Courtship” may be right for you. 

"Love Island"

Love Island Couples

Some people find love through a meet-cute, others find it through a picturesque island paradise. Then, of course, there are some who find it while at a party house with a dozen other sexy singles all vying for attention and companionship to keep the good vibes going week to week. 

The Peacock original series sees several singles enter a villa together where they have to pair off through sheer attraction and chemistry. The rest of the show has that attraction put through obstacles as they see whether their connection is as deep as it seems, or only skims the surface. 

Can other islanders tempt them away from their mate? Will the partying lead to some bad decisions? Were people just faking it to stay in paradise? All these questions and more get answered each season. 

"The Bachelor"

Jared And Ashley From Bachelor In Paradise

The original reality TV love story has now blossomed into a massive franchise that includes “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” All of these are dedicated to giving single people the chance to find the person of their dreams. 

The premise is pretty simple: One person is introduced to a slew of other singles of the opposite gender. They spend weeks going on various group dates as well as one-on-ones as the crop of people slowly dwindles down to just a few. In the end, the Bachelor or Bachelorette selects one person who they believe is their one true love.

For those who leave empty-handed, Bachelor Nation offers a lot of chances for them to try again, mostly by way of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which sees people who didn’t make the cut in their various seasons return for another chance. 

"Love Is Blind"

To prove that looks aren't everything, this Netflix original series turns the average reality TV love show into a massive social experiment. 

Fifteen men and 15 women are chosen to participate and they start by getting to know each other through a sort of speed-dating format. The catch is they’re only able to speak with each other. No one is able to actually see what the person they’re flirting with looks like. The only way they’re able to lay eyes on each other is after one proposes marriage to the other. 

Once they’re engaged, they get to meet in person for the first time, and the real experiment begins. They’re forced to live together and plan a wedding in the span of four weeks, all while getting a crash course in what it takes to be a committed partner and to make it work with someone forever based on a limited amount of time spent with them. 

If you’re hoping to find love quickly, “Love Is Blind” seems to be the shortest road right now from being a stranger to someone to being married to them. 

You can catch shows like "Temptation Island" and "Love Island" on Peacock right now.