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Shower Scenes And Hot Tub Makeouts: The Hottest Moments From 'Temptation Island'

"Temptation Island" has couples at a crossroads in their relationship live with sexy singles for a month, so of course things get hot and heavy at times.

By Tyler McCarthy

Temptation Island” is a place for couples to test their relationships and for singles to take a legitimate shot at finding love. It’s also a place to let inhibitions fall away and explore physical and emotional attractions to others. 

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With relationships in flux and a party atmosphere that's turned up to an 11 in the villas, “Temptation Island” is home to some of the steamiest hookups and hottest one-nighters in reality TV history. Although everyone has to answer for their actions at bonfires with host Mark L. Walberg, that hasn’t stopped them from engaging in some R-rated fun with some of their fellow villa roomies. 

As the fourth group of couples learns exactly how hard resisting temptation can be, we're looking back on the past three seasons of “Temptation Island” to relive some of the hottest moments that have taken place so far. 

David, Samantha, And Payton’s Wild Night

David Benavidez came to “Temptation Island” with his girlfriend, Kate Griffith, but ultimately left with Toneata Morgan. Somewhere while falling out of love with Kate and in love with Toneata, David had himself a wild night with single ladies Samantha Hoffman and Payton Burgess. 

David and Samantha had been vibing for a while up to that point. One night, they finally threw caution to the wind and took a fully nude shower together. Pretty much the whole time they pretended they were keeping things chaste, but there was a lot of touching and a lot of nudity that Kate obviously didn’t like. But David’s misdeeds didn’t end there. 

Payton had her own thing going on with Casey Starchak and wasn’t really a part of David’s journey on the island to that point. However, Casey upset Payton that night, so, when she walked by the steamy shower hookup and was invited to join David and Samantha, she didn’t turn down the opportunity.

The following day, David felt horrible about what he did. He eventually broke things off with Samantha while Payton simply moved on and got back to her situation with Casey.

John and Katheryn Make Out In The Rain

John Thurmond spent his first days on the island trying to remain loyal to his girlfriend, Kady Krambeer. However, once it became clear at bonfires that she had all but moved on from him with Johnny Alexander, John was willing to let his guard down a bit and explore his attraction to Katheryn Golden. 

In a not-so-rare story on “Temptation Island,” the couple got a bit handsy with each other in the pool. Eventually, the water wasn't enough to cool the heat between them and they started full-on making out. As rain fell all around them, they found some cover from the other housemates in the deep end of the pool and spent a good deal of the night getting their mack on.

Unfortunately, their attraction didn’t really last beyond the island. After he went home single to Fort Worth, Texas, they both realized her living in Los Angeles, California was going to be too much of an issue and they let their feelings for each other go. 

Ashley And KB Jump The Gun

Ashley Goldson came to the island with her boyfriend, Rick Fleur, feeling pretty confident he would cheat on her the first chance he got. He seemed to feed into the notion that she was out-of-sight, out-of-mind during their first date selection when he infamously stated he would not be “handcuffing her” if she wanted to explore an attraction to someone else. 

Feeling like her relationship was already over and her boyfriend was partying with multiple other women, she decided there was no reason not to explore her immediate attraction to Kalaan Brown on the first night in the villa. 

“My feelings are all over the place and I never thought that I’d be tempted and unable to control myself,” Ashley said at the time. She told KB that he could get in her bed and he took full advantage of the opportunity. To add insult to injury for Rick, KB used the confessional to openly mock him. 

Not long after, though, she and KB got into a huge fight and she sent him packing. At the reunion, there was no love lost between her, him, and Rick. So, while the night ended in disaster for their relationship, viewers got to experience one of the quickest and hottest hookups on the show to date. 

Kendal Doubles Down On Cheating

In Season 3, Kendal Kirkland came to the island with his girlfriend, Erica Washington, facing some deep relationship issues and questioning the degree of respect they had between them. 

All that went out the window once Kendal laid eyes on Alexcys Homan. The duo quickly paired off and he ended up having sex with her. From there on out it was pretty much the two of them … until the night they invited Nickole Ciszak to join them. Well, it was really Alexcys who invited Nickole into the hot tub upstairs, but Kendal quickly found them and the next thing anyone knew, there was a bit of a throuple situation happening in the villa. 

However, things got a little toxic the following night when Alexcys wanted to sleep instead of having another threesome. Kendal berated her over it and tried his best to manipulate her into another. Obviously, all this didn’t sit well with Erica, who left the island single, undeterred by his assertions that cheating on her with two women was just part of his journey on “Temptation Island.” 

Evan And Morgan Finally Get To It

Evan Smith came to the island with his high school sweetheart and girlfriend of more than a decade, Kaci Campbell. A passionate soul, he felt sure nothing could get between them while they were on the island. 

However, once he got to the villa by himself, he found he had an undeniable attraction for Morgan Lolar. They spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the electricity between them was something he’d be willing to upend his life over. 

Thought eventually gave way to action as he declared he was falling in love with her and she reciprocated those feelings. In that moment, they embrace, then they kiss, then … 

A lot of people throw caution to the wind on “Temptation Island,” but few find themselves in a sexy under the covers situation after exhibiting so much caution and exploring whether or not they have something real between them. Sure the Evan and Morgan saga ended in a broken engagement and bitter feelings between the two of them. However, for one shining moment, they seemed to share something real on the island for all the world to see. 

Chelsea And Blake Get Cozy

In Season 3, Chelsea Orcutt went on a date with single suitor Blake Eyres. They were feeling each other on that outing and carried that energy back to the house. While hanging out in the pool, they couldn’t help but channel that energy into some physical affection for one another. 

What started as playful contact turned into some intimate hand-holding, leg touching, and eventually a full-on between the legs cuddle as they discussed how much their attraction has meant to them during their confusing time on the island. While most of the hottest moments on this list have been people finally giving into their physical attractions, Chelsea and Blake were a pair that had to acknowledge the emotional and romantic sparks flying between them. 

Unfortunately, her relationship with longtime boyfriend Thomas Gipson was still standing in the way. She ultimately left the island with the person she came with.

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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