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Want To Find Love On A Reality Show? Here Are The Wildest Rules You Have To Follow

Yes, there are specific rules about your hair and clothing you need to follow if you want to be on a show like "The Bachelor" or "Temptation Island."

By Becca van Sambeck

Going on a reality show to find love looks pretty great: You get to wear gorgeous clothes, hang out by a pool in a beautiful setting, make new friends, attend parties, go on out-of-this-world dates, and maybe even find the love of your life. But while all that's true, people who go on reality shows should be prepared to follow some strict rules — rules that don't always come naturally.

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Here are some of the wildest and most interesting rules contestants on dating reality shows have to follow.

Before even getting selected, "Bachelor" contestants have to submit to a psych evaluation.

The Bachelor Looks

Going on reality TV is a process like any other, which is why contestants in "The Bachelor" franchise have to undergo psych evaluations before they're selected. They also have to answer a 150-question personality quiz and get an STD test (after all, hooking up is a major component of the show), according to Amy Kauffman's book "Bachelor Nation: Inside The World Of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure." Other shows like "The Bachelor" have similar application guidelines.

On "Temptation Island," you can experiment with hairstyles, but you can't cut or dye your hair.

Temptation Island contestants standing in a line

"We like for them to have their hair the same color throughout shooting to maintain continuity," "Temptation Island" showrunner Trifari Williams explained to USA Insider.

That doesn't mean they don't get help with their hair and makeup sometimes.

"We have hair and makeup artist on set for the big days, bonfires, and interviews. The ladies are welcome to put on their own foundation and our wonderful hair and makeup artist Melissa D' Angelo does the rest. Melissa also styles their hair for them if they'd like that as well. Some of the cast prefer to do their own but for the most part, Melissa does it," she said.

When it comes to packing for "Temptation Island," there are rules to follow.

Villas Temptation Island

You can't just bring whatever you want to the island. Instead, you have to consider specific restrictions when picking out your outfits and swimwear for the big trip.

"We do not allow logos of any sort and we stay away from all white, dull colors, and busy patterns that could make the camera moiré. It's important that they pop on camera so bright colors are always preferred," Williams explained.

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There are similar requirements for "The Bachelor." Sean Lowe explained in his book "For the Right Reasons," “stripes, small checkered patterns, big patterns, and solid white,” aren't allowed.

You'll have to give up your phone on most reality television shows. No social media allowed!

Love Is Blind's Colleen Reed laughing

On "Love Is Blind," cast members do eventually get their phones back. But while they're in the pods, the phones are confiscated so they can truly focus on building a connection, according to Variety. There's not even a WiFi connection in the home they stay in.

Shows like "Temptation Island," "The Courtship," "The Bachelor," and "Too Hot To Handle" forbid cell phone use, too, as it takes contestants away from the experience.

In fact, on "The Bachelor," you can only read one book.

Villas The Bachelor2

To keep contestants fully immersed, they can't even head to their room to read a book, either. Instead, their days are occupied with the Bachelor or Bachelorette or the other contestants.

There is one book that is allowed in the mansion, though, according to "Bachelor Nation": the Bible.

Other shows aren't quite as stringent. On "Love Is Blind," contestants could request a book, according to Bustle.

"So if they wanted to read, we'd certainly allow it, if we could find the book for them," the show's creator Chris Coelen told the outlet.

You can't reveal your relationship status after the show.

Nancy and Bartise standing together and smiling

Sure, it's tempting to announce if you're suddenly engaged or if you finally broke up with your partner. And yes, your inner circle will probably be able to deduce where you stand in your personal life. Still, you have to follow strict social media rules on all dating shows until the season finishes airing, in order to avoid spoilers. You also can't reveal to other people what happened during your time on the show until then, either.

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