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These Are The Couples Who Got Married On 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

We weren't expecting some of these couples to make the distance on "Love Is Blind" Season 3 — and were shocked by some of these breakups, too.

By Becca van Sambeck
SK and Raven cuddling on a boat

Well, "Love Is Blind" Season 3 has finally concluded, and what a season it was. 

This time around, we met several different people looking for love in the Texas area. While many connections were formed in the pod, real-life issues started to haunt our happy couples as soon as they met in person. Some pairs did indeed make it down the altar to say, "I do," while others realized marriage wasn't in the cards for them.

Here's what happened with every couple on "Love Is Blind" Season 3.

Zanab and Cole: Broke Up

Cole and Zanab dancing together

We can't say we were particularly surprised to see that these two weren't able to make it work. Zanab was clearly frustrated by Cole's behavior at times, while Cole said Zanab often made him feel inferior. Once Cole revealed he was attracted to Colleen and thought she was prettier than Zanab, they never really bounced back, especially when Zanab found out Cole had flirted with Colleen after meeting her in person.

At the altar, Zanab let him have it.

"You have disrespected me, you have insulted me, you have critiqued me, and for what it's worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence," she  said. "And the messed up thing is I know love you... but love shouldn't feel this way. I can't marry you."

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At the reunion, they revealed they didn't keep in touch. Cole apologized again, after Zanab leveled an allegation that Cole had kissed another woman while they were together. They both seem to have moved on, though. 

Alexa and Brennan: Married

Alexa and Brennan looking off camera and cheering

We were rooting for these two to work ever since we witnessed their obvious delight with their first face-to-face meeting. Alexa and Brennan both seemed so happy to be together, even though they were concerns over religious, cultural, and financial differences. Still, the couple made it down the altar and said, "I do."

During the reunion, the two confirmed they were happier than ever.  "I've never been loved in the way that he loves me," Alexa said, adding that kids are in the future as well.

Matt and Colleen: Married

Matt with his arm around Colleen

We were less sure about Matt and Colleen. Although the two seemed to click instantly, there were definite concerns: Matt is steal healing from a disastrous marriage that ended in cheating, while Colleen seemed reluctant to commit at times. After a flirty conversation with Cole, Matt's trust issues seemed to veer out of control as the two continued to fight. Ultimately, by the time the wedding rolled around, Matt and Colleen were ready to say, "I do."

The two revealed at the reunion that they are indeed still married, although they don't live together. A move-in is in the future, and they said they're very happy together now and have worked through their issues.

SK and Raven: Broke Up ... Sort Of

SK and Raven cuddling on a boat

Was there any couple we had more whiplash with than Raven and SK? When Raven and SK first got together, they didn't seem to mesh well. There was an awkwardness between the two of them. As the show went on, though, both of their reserve melted as they got closer with each other and formed a genuine connection both physical and mental.

That's why it was so heartbreaking to see SK turn Raven down at the altar. While he was confident he was in love with her, he felt there were still issues to work out — like the fact she didn't want to move to California as he pursed his grad school studies or clashes over their different cultures. Raven, for her part, tearfully admitted she would have said yes to SK.

Naturally, we were thrilled to learn at the reunion the two were working on their relationship and strengthening their bond. Maybe the second time's the charm for these two!

Bartise and Nancy: Broke Up

Nancy and Bartise standing together and smiling

Oh, Bartise and Nancy ... this was one couple we were genuinely hoping wouldn't say yes at the altar. They just seemed too different, and Bartise spoke multiple times about his lack of physical attraction to Nancy. Similarly, the two clashed over abortion, a debate that only became more heated when he told his family Nancy's stance. Nancy seemed committing to making it work out with Bartise, but their issues were just too major.

Nancy said yes, but Bartise couldn't say, "I do." This led to a dramatic argument — involving Nancy's family — that led to the two deciding they just couldn't be together. At the reunion, it was clear a second chance isn't in the cards.

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