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Why Did Danielle And Nick From 'Love Is Blind' Divorce? What They’ve Both Said

The couple from Season 2 of the reality series recently spoke out about their decision to end their marriage. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Relationships that are born on reality TV can be complicated. Just ask some of the couples from “Temptation Island" or "Love Island." This was the case for Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, who recently discussed their divorce after meeting and getting together on the Netflix reality series “Love Is Blind.” 

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The duo met on Season 2 of the series, which sees singles interact with each other and only lets them meet in person after they’ve agreed to get married. Nick and Danielle were memorable because they agreed to get hitched after Episode 1 and the remainder of the season followed their somewhat rocky journey to the alter. 

They were one of two couples to actually go through with the wedding on the show, but it was revealed by E! News in August that Danielle had filed for divorce. The move officially brought their relationship to an end but left many reality TV fans wondering why they decided to call it quits. The outlet previously reported they’d recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary and, based solely on their social media presence, things seemed fine. 

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Fortunately, for those who were curious, Thompson addressed the matter in a Sept. 21, 2022 statement shared on his Instagram. In it, he shed some light on the situation, noting that things aren’t always as they seem on social media and TV. 

“Any reality TV personality opens a portion of their life to you for entertainment. You see glimpses on TV, social media, and other outlets with little insight into the reality of our day-to-day life experiences,” he began. “The last few weeks have been especially challenging for me. Like many of us going through a loss or life-altering event, we experience cycles of grief as we navigate our emotions.

“Everyone perceives & experiences grief differently when a relationship ends, let alone the loss of a marriage in the public eye. I’m working through my own mental and emotional challenges to overcome feelings to anxiety and depression," he added.

Thompson went on to explain what he’s learned from going through such a major life event in the public eye and how it’s brought him closer to more loyal friends, family, and fans. He then addressed the divorce directly.

“I’m grateful for this experience, the learnings that came, and those yet to come. I am heartbroken my marriage ended. I know in my heart that I did the best I could and gave it everything I had,” he concluded. “I’m optimistic for the future.” 

Shortly after, Ruhl also took to Instagram to share a statement of her own on the split. 

“It has taken some time to publicly speak about my marriage ending, as emotions are still raw. However, I will always appreciate those who have followed my journey and continue to support me throughout this entire experience,” she wrote. “I’ve gained incredible new friends who I now call family. Found an incredible support group and virtual friends from around the world who I am forever grateful for."

She too echoed Thompson’s sentiments about being excited for the future and disappointed to see let down any of their fans. 

“The future is bright and I’m hopeful my next chapter will be the best one yet. Excited to have the opportunity to continue to connect with all of you, shed light on topics I hold close to home, and show you some new projects I have been working on,” she said. “No matter what, I’ll always care for nick and appreciate our time together. Our experience together will always hold a special place in my heart. As a wise woman said – choose yourself.” 

While there’s still some mystery as to what ultimately led to the end of their marriage, it seems Thompson and Ruhl are looking forward to their respective futures now that they’ve publicly stated their marriage has ended. 

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