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Nadine Actress On Joining The 'Chucky Cult' And Chucky's God Complex In Season 2

The latest episode of "Chucky" introduced audiences to the loveable kleptomaniac, Nadine, who will join the fight against Charles Lee Ray.

By Tyler McCarthy
Chucky's Bella Higginbotham at Comic Con

Those who tuned into the second episode of “Chucky” Season 2 were introduced to the franchise’s newest character, the quirky kleptomaniac Nadine (Bella Higginbotham). 

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Nadine is a reluctant Lexy's (Alyvia Alyn Lind) roommate once she arrives at her new digs: A Catholic reform school that formerly played home to a young, troubled Charles Lee Ray. It is revealed in the second episode that Nadine landed herself in the school for compulsively stealing things, including a random Good Guy doll she thought was harmless.

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Speaking to USA Insider at New York Comic Con, Higginbotham explained that Nadine’s kleptomania may be a hindrance to her and the gang at first, but it will soon become her superpower in the fight against Chucky she now finds herself part of. 

“She’s a prolific kleptomaniac. She steals, yes, but I see it more as she collects useful things and not useful things” the actress explained. “Since her parents couldn’t really control her, they sent her away and I don’t think the school can’t really control her, but she finds this use for her kleptomania and her stuff for this friend group that she’s a part of and she becomes this grand arsenal of things.” 

Like everyone who encounters Chucky, her life changes forever once she sees the killer doll alive for the first time. However, Higginbotham believes Nadine is unusually well-equipped to not only deal with the life-altering discovery but help her new friends deal with it too, particularly Lexy. 

“I think that Nadine, she’s a really kind and accepting person. I think that’s really helpful for Lexy with everything going on in her trauma and everything,” she said. “I think that Nadine is just the perfect add-on character. She just accepts everyone where they’re at and accepts the whole situation and is like ‘OK, what can we do? How can I help?’ I think that’s really cool in everyone’s life, especially Lexy’s.”

While Nadine may be able to handle this new environment with ease, Higginbotham noted that she was initially very anxious about joining the established cast of a massive franchise like “Chucky.” 

“Coming into this not really knowing anything other than this has been such an established franchise and these kids that I’m going to be working with they’ve like, already had this season under their belt I’m like ‘Oh my goodness, are they nice?! Are they going to accept me?’” she explained in a separate interview with USA Insider. “I got a little bit anxious. Everyone has been so freaking nice just accepting me into their 'Chucky' family and 'Chucky' cult.” 

She concluded: “It’s just such an honor to be part of this franchise now and I definitely feel the cult mentality of — you can never leave. It’s been such an honor to work with such big names as Devon Sawa and Jennifer Tilly and to play this character written by Don Mancini, it’s been such an honor.” 

As for what audiences can expect from Nadine and Chucky in Season 2, Higginbotham says to expect claustrophobia for these kids that only Chucky can create. 

“He really corners the three main kids in this just holy, kind of spooky, Catholic school and I really think that you kind of see Chucky’s God complex come into play with this season," she said.

Fans can see how it all unfolds when “Chucky” airs new episodes every Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network and SYFY. They can also catch up on past episodes on Peacock right now.  

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