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These Legendary WWE Superstars' Win/Loss Records at WrestleMania Will Shock You

These legendary Superstars have surprisingly come up short in most of their WrestleMania appearances!

By Chris Phelan
Kane in the ring with his red and black mask on

When the WWE Universe thinks about the all-time greats performing at WrestleMania, they undoubtedly think back to moments when the most iconic WWE Superstars triumphantly held championships over their heads as the crowd showers them with adoration.

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But historically, that hasn't necessarily been the case.

While conventional wisdom suggests that generational WWE Superstars like Triple H and Shawn Michaels stand tall at WrestleMania more times than not, the truth is that they – and a handful of other well-known Superstars – found themselves on the losing end of things most years!

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Today, USA Insider reveals five WWE Superstars everybody forgets have terrible WrestleMania win-loss records. 

Triple H – 10 Wins, 14 Losses

In our eyes, no single WrestleMania statistic is as eye-popping as Triple H's woeful record of ten wins and fourteen losses. Most fans look back on Triple H's run and remember the countless times he emerged victorious over some of the most beloved Superstars in WWE history throughout the late '90s and 2000s. Yet, as fate would have it, The Game would routinely get his comeuppance at WrestleMania!

Interestingly enough, The Undertaker handed Triple H three of his fourteen WrestleMania losses throughout both competitors' careers. Honestly, we still can't get over how many times Triple H has been defeated at WrestleMania. In fact, we bet if the average member of the WWE Universe had to guess, they'd assume Triple H has an overwhelmingly positive WrestleMania win-loss record, but that's simply not the case. Although ten wins is nothing to sneeze at, The Game's failures overshadow his many victories. 

Randy Orton – 8 Wins, 9 Losses

For over 20 years, Randy Orton has been the definition of excellence. Whether breaking through to the top tier of WWE Superstars as a brash rookie or defying Father Time and still performing at an elite level in 2024, The Viper is a no-brainer future WWE Hall of Famer.

However, his WrestleMania record argues otherwise!

As a WWE Superstar looking to cement his legacy, you must do better than an 8-9 record at WrestleMania. While Randy Orton has had his fair share of success and world championships, he sadly fails to live up to his lofty expectations when it matters most.

Hopefully, Randy Orton can climb back to a .500 record in Philadelphia. As the only active WWE Superstar on this list, we can't imagine him being happy with being labeled as a perennial loser at WrestleMania!

Shawn Michaels – 6 Wins, 11 Losses

Pick your jaws up from the floor – it's true, the man the WWE Universe knows as "Mr. WrestleMania" has an awful win-loss record at the event. Make no mistake: six wins against eleven losses is a horrifying statistic – until you dig deeper.

Shawn Michaels has stepped in the ring with the greatest wrestlers ever to walk the Earth. The list of WWE Superstars he's succumbed to at WrestleMania reads as a who's-who of legendary talent: Razor Ramon, Diesel, Steve Austin, Triple H, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and The Undertaker – the latter who famously retired The Heartbreak Kid at WrestleMania 26 – have all noticed victories over him. While eleven losses is alarming, Shawn Michaels fans can rest easy knowing he wasn't defeated by nobodies. 

Thankfully, even in defeat, Shawn Michaels gave the WWE Universe some of the most magnificent matches in WrestleMania history – and for that, we're thankful. 

Kane – 8 Wins, 11 Losses

The Big Red Machine – although rarely ascending to the top of WWE as champion – had one of the more underrated careers a WWE Superstar can have. But like others on this list, he came up woefully short at WrestleMania, amassing an 8-11 record over the years.

To be fair, Kane proved to be near-impossible to beat at WrestleMania – it famously took three Tombstone Piledriver finishing moves for The Undertaker to defeat Kane at WrestleMania 14. Still, we commend the countless Superstars who hung wins on the Big Red Machine throughout his career – it's an impressive feat nonetheless.

Thankfully, Kane's disappointing WrestleMania record hasn't carried over to his current career – he's currently enjoying a lengthy run as Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, after successfully winning back-to-back elections. (Let's just hope he doesn't run into any Tombstone Piledrivers in the future.)

Shelton Benjamin – 1 Win, 8 Losses

Our apologies to the great Shelton Benjamin, but we can't help but call out his absolutely pitiful WrestleMania record! Notching only one victory in nine attempts is heartbreaking, but what hurts most is that his sole win came in his first WrestleMania appearance. Ever since he and partner Charlie Haas won the WWE Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 19, it was all downhill from there – Benjamin was a mainstay in the initial Money in the Bank ladder matches, but he never picked up a win.

Fortunately, even in defeat, Shelton Benjamin has given the WWE Universe countless iconic moments – some of the most breathtaking moments in WrestleMania history have involved him, a ladder, and an insane dive that will live on forever.

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