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The Undertaker Names His Dream WWE Opponents If He Ever Returns to the Ring

The Undertaker admits that sometimes he has the "itch" to get back into the ring! If he did, he'd want to take on these two champions.

By Chris Phelan
The Undertaker

Some WWE Superstars can't help but stir the pot – even in retirement!

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The WWE Universe hasn't seen The Deadman compete in a full match since he successfully defeated AJ Styles at WrestleMania in the infamous Boneyard Match – a never-before-seen bout that blended sports entertainment and action usually reserved for Hollywood movies. It was a fitting cap to the illustrious career of The Undertaker, whose WWE run will forever be unmatched. However, it seems you can take The Undertaker out of pro wrestling, but you can't take pro wrestling out of The Undertaker.

Is The Undertaker Retiring From WWE?

Sadly, The Undertake announced his retirement in 2020 at Survivor Series, telling the audience it was time to let the persona "Rest In Peace." Not long after, he was inducted in the the WWE Hall of Fame. However, just because he hung up his hat doesn't mean it was (or is) the last the WWE will see of the Deadman.

Will The Undertaker Ever Wrestle Again?

Never say never. Despite not being a regular member of the WWE roster like he once was back in the days where he simply dominated sports entertainment both inside and out of the ring, The Undertake did make a recent appearance on NXT where he put an overconfident Bron Breakker in his place. However, it wasn't a full-on match. It's unclear if we'll ever see him back in the ring in that capacity ever again. 

Two Current WWE Champions Have Caught the Eye of The Undertaker

Roman Reigns

Although he has confirmed time and time again that he is officially retired from WWE, the Superstar admitted in a recent interview with The Independent that he had the itch to return to the ring lately, although he acknowledges his body won't allow that to happen. Interestingly enough, The Undertaker didn't shy away from calling out two current WWE world champions as men he would gladly step in the ring against if his health allowed him to.

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"I would love to be healthy enough to have a match now with Roman Reigns," Undertaker revealed. "When we worked at [WrestleMania 33], I was on my last legs. And he wasn't nearly the performer that he is now. He's doing a phenomenal job. His character, talent, and everything have grown exponentially through this run. It's arguably one of the greatest runs ever. I like it because it's such an old-school move to have the title that long."

It has to be touching for Roman to hear that Undertaker has so much respect for the next-level Superstar The Tribal Chief has become. A surefire sign of success is when someone like The Undertaker takes a moment to congratulate you on your greatness. The retired Superstar confessed that even though Roman is untouchable right now, he's still hesitant to place him in the same pantheon as some of his contemporaries.

"He's got to be in the conversation," Undertaker acknowledged. "But do you put him in the same boat as Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan? I don't know. Everything's so subjective when it comes to that."

So while Undertaker is definitely staying retired and has made peace with the fact his WWE career ended with his Boneyard Match victory, he still admitted to feeling pride when looking at everything Roman has accomplished.

"Reigns has the claim to fame now," he said. "He's the man. I mean, it's not even close, really. He's had the title for a thousand days. Business is incredible. He picks his own schedule. He's got a claim, he's got an argument. I'm really proud of him for how he's come. It really has been impressive."

Of course, Reigns "picking his own schedule" is a point of contention for many Superstars – Seth Rollins included. Speaking of the new World Heavyweight Champion, Undertaker also said he regrets never properly crossing paths with him.

"Another guy that I would love to have worked with would be Seth Rollins. He's just an incredible in-ring talent. And now he's got this really flamboyant character, which would have been a really interesting contrast between the doom and gloom of The Undertaker and his over-the-top character."

Seth Rollins and The Undertaker Have Never Faced Off One-on-One

Seth Rollins

The fact that Undertaker brought up the current World Heavyweight Champion is intriguing, as the two Superstars have never faced off in a proper one-on-one match. Their lone in-ring meeting was during a six-man tag match on RAW in 2023 that saw the Shield team up against the Brothers of Destruction and Daniel Bryan. Undertaker vs. Seth Rollins was a match the WWE Universe never got to see and will go down as an ultimate missed opportunity for the wrestling business as a whole.

Even though he essentially called out both Reigns and Rollins, Undertaker made it clear that he has no intention to return to the ring, even if the matchups presented would be WrestleMania-worthy. 

In the end, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have to be feeling like they dodged a bullet, as a healthy, in-his-prime Undertaker would absolutely pose a threat to Reigns' 1,000-day-long title reign and Rollins' newly-captured World Heavyweight Championship! So unless The Dead Man has access to a time machine, the WWE Universe will have to resort to acting out these dream matches in WWE 2K23. 

In the meantime, both Reigns and Rollins will have their hands full fending off all challengers as the busy WWE summer season quickly approaches. 

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Originally published Jun 1, 2023.