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Randy Orton Reflects on WWE Return, Changes to the Business, and What's Next

Randy Orton peels back the curtain on his WWE career to Logan Paul!

By Chris Phelan
WWE's Randy Orton

We have to hand it to the reigning United States Champion – Logan Paul has a way of getting WWE Superstars to open up and speak candidly on a level rarely seen. His latest guest is one that's recently taken the WWE Universe by storm once again, the Viper himself, Randy Orton.

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On Paul's Impaulsive podcast, he regularly chats with WWE Superstars and gets them to peel back the curtain on their personal lives and wrestling careers. Paul's guest list reads like a who's-who of WWE megastars – Roman Reigns, Rey MysterioBecky Lynch, Triple H, and countless others have sat down in the Impaulsive studio. Now he got Orton in the guest chair.

Randy Orton, who memorably made one of two shocking returns at Survivor Series 2023, opened up to the WWE United States Champion, speaking at length about his career, his reputation, and what's coming next. It's a must-watch for any hardcore member of the WWE Universe, and we're happy to report that Randy Orton is more focused, driven, and healthy than ever.

Randy Orton on his early career?

Close up of Randy Orton

Randy Orton's career is marred by several professional and personal setbacks. Although he was always pegged as a rising star in WWE by officials, his attitude and immaturity sparked concerns early on. During his appearance on Impaulsive, Orton acknowledged his attitude problems and took responsibility for his actions, from his locker room behavior to being jerks to fans at autograph signings – and everything in between.

"That was my armor. I was the a–hole, I think, because I wanted people to respect me, maybe?" Orton explained. "I don't know. I just know that I grew out of that phase – and thank God that I did. I see footage from 10, 15 years ago, and I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's horrible.' But that's just who I was. It wasn't coming from a place of confidence, I think it was coming from a place of like, it was my armor. I was an a–hole, and [I thought] maybe I could get respect that way."

It takes a big man to admit his inadequacies – and Randy Orton showed how much he's matured as he enters his 21st year in WWE.

Will Randy Orton break the world title record in WWE?

Randy Orton walking to the ring

With those 20+ years comes a boatload of accomplishments, and arguably nothing is more impressive than the 14 world championships Randy Orton has acquired over his career. When asked by Logan Paul if he is looking to break the world title record held by Ric Flair and John Cena (both Superstars sit at 16 world championships), Orton didn't mince words: He fully intends to go after the most prestigious record in sports entertainment.

"Of course, I want to do everything I can, man," he revealed. "You know, longevity is always the number one goal for me and being able to go home, play with my kids, and not be in pain, right? That'd be the ultimate goal. But you know, as many accomplishments as I can accomplish in WWE, the more the better. I've already done so much so far."

Conventional wisdom suggests Orton is the runaway favorite to break the record of 16 world championships – no other current WWE Superstar comes close. However, due to his recent signing to Friday Night SmackDown, Orton has a monumental task on his hands if he is looking to collect world championship number 15 – the Undisputed WWE Universal Title is still held by Roman Reigns. Should the two Superstars tangle in the ring, it will undoubtedly be the toughest test of Orton's lengthy career!

How does Randy Orton view himself in the WWE locker room?

Randy Orton Celebrates 20 Years Of Wrestling

A lot can change in two decades. The WWE Superstars who debut as 20-somethings are light years removed from who they are 20 years later, and Randy Orton is no exception. He explained to Logan Paul that, for the first time in his career, he's looking forward to helping younger talent achieve their WWE dreams.

"It's kind of nice being in a position where I can watch other guys' matches and maybe critique and help and answer questions," Orton confessed. "For the first time in my career, I find myself being a little bit – I don't even want to say the word – a mentor to some people. I can pull a guy aside, kind of when I DM'd you, 'Hey man, careful. Don't go out here and end up in a wheelchair. You got a lot of sh–t going on.' You have always got to be thinking of that next one."

We don't know if Logan Paul heeded Orton's advice or not because every time The Maverick competes in the ring, he busts out never-before-seen moves that make our jaws drop! 

Nevertheless, a wise, helpful Randy Orton can only mean good things for the youngest and most impressionable members of the locker room. An in-depth, private conversation with Orton could be the difference between toiling away in the undercard or main-eventing WrestleMania one day. 

Randy Orton on WWE changes under Triple H's leadership

Wwe Triple H Championship Belt2

During the interview, Orton made it a point to acknowledge the positive changes Triple H has instituted across WWE since he became Head of Creative last year. It sounds like, top to bottom, WWE has instituted plenty of changes to ensure the organization is as accommodating as possible to the men and women who put their careers on the line every time they step into the ring. Orton specifically mentioned one change that he admitted he never thought he'd see.

"Back in the day, you were missing birthdays, you were missing anniversaries and you were missing holidays," Orton revealed. "There was really no other way about it; you weren't going to ask for time off. Now, there's leniency. Now, [Triple H] will make sure that you can get home for the birth of your baby or he'll make sure that you can get home for that birthday because he understands now how important that is. I think company-wide that's been a change for the better."

No matter how much WWE changes in the future, one thing's for sure: Randy Orton will continue to be the foundation on which the company is built.

Here's to Orton capturing his 15th, 16th, and record-breaking 17th world championship – and beyond!

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