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WWE Offers Rare Glimpse At The Rock and John Cena Bonding At WrestleMania 29

The WWE Universe has wondered what was said between The Rock and Cena after their WrestleMania 29 main event – until now.

By Chris Phelan
The Rock and John Cena go head to head

You have to hand it to WWE's social media team – they know how to take a ten-year-old iconic WrestleMania moment and add a new layer of context!

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WrestleMania 29 was an all-time classic event, headlined by The Rock and John Cena battling for the WWE Championship for the second year in a row. On that night in MetLife Stadium, Cena atoned for his WrestleMania 28 loss and soundly defeated The Great One to regain the championship. A larger-than-life main event in every sense of the word, the WWE Universe was hanging on every Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, and pinfall attempt. The match represented the final chapter of one of the best-told stories in WWE history: The Rock valiantly fighting to reclaim his position as champion, only to be hindered by the man who carried professional wrestling on his back once The Rock left for the bright lights of Hollywood.

What Was Said Between The Rock and John Cena After WrestleMania 29?

John Cena in the ring, speaking into a mic

The years-long rivalry between the two Superstars was filled with shocking moments and bitter insults. However, newly-revisited post-match footage of WrestleMania 29 gives the WWE Universe a rare glimpse of the intensely personal bond shared between The Rock and John Cena – despite the purported real-life bad blood.

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For over ten years, the WWE Universe has wondered what the two men said to each other after Cen emerged victorious on that fateful night in 2013. To many fans, it seemed more than just pleasantries were exchanged. But thanks to the magic of ringside microphones and perhaps a little bit of lip-reading, WWE re-released footage of their private in-ring conversation – complete with captions. For the first time, the WWE Universe knows precisely what was discussed that night!

"Because of you, I'm serious," Cena told Rock. "You have no idea. I asked for a picture of you and me when I was 20 years old working in a store in Venice, California. You've always been nice, you've always been respectful. Whenever we talked, you always told me to keep it up."

As Cena's music continued to blare throughout the stadium, The Rock was visibly taken aback by what he had just heard and decided to respond in kind.

"I want to tell you I came back for this very moment right now," The Rock responded. "For them, for them, and for you. I believe in you."

(Of course, The Rock was referring to the WWE Universe, the WWE locker room, and Cena himself.)

Could WWE Add Historic Context to More Archival Footage? 

The Rock speaking into a mic during Smackdown

As their private conversation drew to a close, boos reigned down in MetLife stadium as the two Superstars shook hands and buried the hatchet for good. The negative response can be credited to the New York crowd being fiercely pro-Rock during the main event; Cena's victory predictably soured them. One would have to believe the WWE Universe would have responded differently had they been privy to the beautiful moment shared between the two competitors – but alas, at that moment, it wasn't meant to be.

In an industry where it's common for real-life animosity to affect relationships outside the ring, it's heartwarming to finally know – after ten long years – that the once-mysterious conversation between The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania 29 had undertones of mutual respect and, dare we say it, friendship. 

Revisited archival footage like this makes you think, doesn't it? We wonder how much additional context can be given to countless other classic moments throughout WWE's history – we're sure it would make the WWE Universe have vastly different perspectives on some of the more iconic Superstar interactions. Nevertheless, even though it seems like The Rock and John Cena have put their explosive rivalry behind them in 2023, it's nice to receive conclusive video – and audio – evidence, even if it's been ten years in the making.

Looking ahead, the WWE Universe is brimming with anticipation over whether or not The Rock and John Cena will cross paths again – with Fastlane 2023 right around the corner, anything's possible. It's no coincidence that both Superstars have shown up in WWE simultaneously after so many years, right?


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