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Becky Lynch's Biggest SummerSlam Surprises Throughout Her WWE Career

The WWE Universe may as well start calling Becky Lynch Ms. SummerSlam!

By Chris Phelan
Becky Lynch outside the ring during SummerSlam

Becky Lynch has come a long way. The WWE Universe has seen her evolve before their eyes over the years, transforming from a young, Irish-jigging NXT rookie into The Man so effortlessly that it's hard to remember the moments that defined Becky's career journey.

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We've done a little bit of research. And it's fitting that SummerSlam is just a few days away because, as it turns out, many of Becky's statement moments have happened at The Biggest Party of the Summer! While sometimes Superstars like Edge and Brock Lesnar get the lion's share of recognition for being part of countless unforgettable SummerSlam matches, USA Insider intends to shine a light on some of The Man's iconic SummerSlam moments. These are the moments that shocked the WWE Universe and helped mold Becky Lynch into the larger-than-life Superstar she is today.

SummerSlam 2018: Becky Lynch stakes her claim to Greatness

Before the 2018 edition of SummerSlam, Becky Lynch was nearly a blip on the radar of The Biggest Party of the Summer. The Man wasn't The Man just yet. As a result, she was often relegated to multi-woman tag team matches placed lower in the event's lineup. However, everything changed during Becky's stratospheric 2018 thanks to her unrelenting attitude, skill set, and, later, an iconic bloody nose, 2018 served as the year that the entire WWE Universe got entirely behind the Irish Superstar.

At SummerSlam 2018, Becky used the surge of her unexpected crowd support to make a statement. Finding herself in a Triple Threat match against Charlotte Flair and Carmella for the latter's SmackDown Women's Championship, the fans were ready to witness Becky ascend to the top of the WWE women's division. Unfortunately, the match itself didn't go quite how Becky and the fans wanted it to – although Carmella was dethroned as champion, it was Charlotte Flair who became a seven-time women's champion by the end. 

Post-match, as a showering of boos descended upon Charlotte while a vocal minority of fans began chanting Becky's name, the WWE Universe was shocked when the two women embraced in solidarity.

Wwe Becky Lynch Summerslam2

But as it turns out, this was all a ruse – after embracing Charlotte for the second time, Becky snapped, slapping the new champion so hard that she crumbled to the mat. The WWE Universe was unglued, and the beatdown that Becky delivered to Charlotte over the next few moments served as a launching pad for Becky's WWE career. From that point forward, Becky would do whatever it took to hold championship gold, and she had faith that her fans would have her back every step of the way – even if she had to be a little devious at times.

SummerSlam 2021: Shocking the World

The wrestling world stood still in May 2020 when Becky Lynch memorably gave up her RAW Women's title due to the fact she was pregnant. Becky never made it clear when she would return to full-time action, and WWE Universe stood behind her. Who wouldn't want to support a new mom, after all? By the time Becky and Seth Rollins welcomed their daughter into the world, Becky's WWE status was entirely up in the air. 

Of course, that made the events of SummerSlam 2021 all the more shocking.

After it was announced that reigning SmackDown Women's champion Bianca Belair would defend against Carmella in an impromptu title defense, the sold-out crowd in Las Vegas wasn't exactly impressed. Carmella walked down the aisle to challenge Bianca to a tepid reaction – and that's precisely when The Man made her long-awaited return. Allegiant Stadium nearly burst at the seams as Becky's familiar music rocked the WWE Universe, as even WWE head announcer Michael Cole claimed that Becky had "stolen the thunder of this SmackDown Women's Championship match!"

That may be the understatement of the century because before the WWE Universe could fully process the gravity of Becky's unexpected return, The Man proceeded to do exactly what she did at SummerSlam 2018 – she took matters into her own hands! After sufficiently pummeling an unsuspecting Carmella, she demanded a title shot immediately against Bianca, who was suddenly without an opponent. Bianca made a costly decision by agreeing to the impromptu bout because, in mere seconds, Becky caught the champion in a Manhandle Slam to win the title, rocking Allegiant Stadium for the second time in as many minutes! Not even being a mom could make Becky lose focus on winning championships. 

SummerSlam 2022: Fighting Through the Pain

The saga between Becky and Bianca came full circle by the time SummerSlam 2022 occurred. Based on the unexpected title change at the previous year's event, it was only fitting that the two Superstars met again – this time, for Bianca's RAW Women's Championship.

The match was thrilling, a typical back-and-forth climactic title match that the WWE Universe packed Nashville's Nissan Stadium expected to see. Although Becky was unsuccessful in winning the title, it's what the world learned after the fact that was so impressive: Becky suffered a separated shoulder in the middle of the match – a significant injury that would require her to take many months off to recover. When it was revealed that Becky worked through the pain during the match – and the aftermath – it is a testament to her never-say-die spirit. The WWE Universe thought Becky Lynch couldn't be regarded more highly coming into SummerSlam 2022. Still, Becky's decision to fight through incredible pain and deliver an unforgettable match raised her stock even higher.

(Between Becky's separated shoulder and Cody Rhodes' torn pectoral muscle, 2022 sure was a banner year for WWE fan favorites blowing away the WWE Universe with their commitment and drive, wasn't it?)

Here's to hoping Becky Lynch continues her streak of overdelivering at SummerSlam this year when The Biggest Party of the Summer sets up shop at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan!

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