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Cody Rhodes Dominates With Torn Pectoral At WWE's 'Hell In A Cell'

Cody Rhodes took on Seth Rollins with a visibly painful injury to his pectoral muscle during Sunday's "Hell In A Cell."

By Tyler McCarthy
Cody Rhodes holding a mysterious object up while he stand outside the ring

The crowd at Sunday’s “Hell In A Cell” fell to silence when WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes revealed the extent of his recent injury. Nonetheless, he was still there ready to take on his opponent, an overconfident Seth Rollins

Prior to the premium live event, it was announced that Rhodes had suffered a pretty serious injury. The WWE released a statement clearing up rumors that Rhodes tore his pectoral tendon during a bout with Rollins last Monday on “RAW.” It turns out he partially tore his right pectoral tendon. It wasn’t until weight training on the Friday before “Hell In A Cell” that the muscle came completely off the bone. 

Fans were delighted to hear that he planned to still compete at the event despite the injury. However, as soon as he removed his jacket and the world got a close look at the immense bruising on his right side, many likely wondered if that was a good idea. “Bruising” is too light a word for the black and bloodshot right side of The American Nightmare, in fact. The injury looked painful from the jump and only got worse over time.

Still, despite the pain, he forged ahead against an opponent who immediately showed no sympathy for his injury nor the heart it took to step into the cage anyway. Rollins quickly started attacking the wounded area with a Kendo stick. As the match continued, Rhodes' injury looked worse and worse. However, he managed to defend himself and land some blows on Rollins, even as foreign objects — including a table, a sledgehammer, and a bull rope with a cowbell — entered the fray. 

In the end, Rhodes delivered three Cross Rhodes that finally put Rollins down. The sheer determination it took Rhodes to not only enter the ring with his injury but win the match while putting on a terrific show didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd, who gave him a standing ovation. Many who tuned in recognized it for the historic moment in sports entertainment that it was. As he now (hopefully) seeks treatment for his injury, Rhodes can do so knowing he’s solidified a moment in wrestling that will surely be talked about for years to come. 

Sadly, although Rhodes’ star is indeed on the rise in the WWE after making his return at Wrestlemania, an injury as severe as this will surely set him back. ESPN notes that the recovery time for a torn pectoral is roughly six months. However, neither he nor the WWE has mentioned any official timeline for Rhodes.