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'Who Said You're The Grinch?': Where 'Chrisley Knows Best' Left Off In Season 9

The Chrisley family is coming back for Season 10 of "Chrisley Knows Best," but first there's a lot more to come in Season 9 starting in June.

By Tyler McCarthy
Todd Chrisley adjusting his black sunglasses while wearing a lime green shirt and white blazer jacket

The Chrisley Family will officially be back for a Season 10 on USA Network later this year. However, before that happens, there are still a handful of new episodes left in Season 9 of “Chrisley Knows Best” that will air starting on June 23. 

How to Watch

Stream Seasons 1-9 of "Chrisley Knows Best" on Peacock.

The last time the world saw the Chrisley family was in December of 2021 when they got together to celebrate Christmas. Since then, there’s been a lot happening for everyone’s favorite family from Nashville in the New Year and they’ll catch everyone up in these new episodes. To make sure fans are properly caught up on all things Chrisley ahead of their triumphant return to TV, it’s worth taking a look back at where they left off. 

It wouldn’t be a December in the Chrisley household if Christmas wasn’t front and center. As the kids grow up and their lives get more hectic, it can be more and more difficult to get the entire family together under one roof. So, when the holidays bring them all together, Julie is the first to comment that it’s doing her heart good. 

However, all the family time starts to make Faye long for the old days when she was leading Christmas and doing everything she could with whatever means she had to make sure the family had a good holiday. So, she asks Todd if she can host the family at her place this year. 

Todd is pretty reluctant; he is very particular about how he likes to celebrate Christmas and he worries his mom may not be up for the amount of work it takes. However, once Faye plays the “I don’t know how many Christmases I have left” card, he caves. 

Friction begins immediately, though. Todd likes a classy kind of Christmas with all the decorations color coordinated. Faye’s decorating style can be a bit more… we’ll say “eclectic.” 

When Chase and Savannah accompany her to the Christmas store, they immediately see red flags as she throws multicolored elves and gingerbread houses in her cart as she inquires about holiday poker chips. When Todd lays eyes on his mother’s living room, he starts taking some decorations down, saying the lack of coordination gives him anxiety. 

Faye catches him dismantling her winter wonderland, including her deer head named Buck, and gets upset to see he's taking over the holiday.

Meanwhile, Chloe is having an existential Christmas crisis of her own. The pragmatic child sent her letter to Santa Claus before Halloween. However, upon hearing that the family will be at Faye’s place for Christmas, she panics and worries that Santa won’t know where to bring her gifts (which she hopes will be a dollhouse, a phone, a lava lamp, and two horses for her and Savannah). 

The family sits down with her to write a second letter to Santa letting him know of the change and Todd says he’ll put it in the mailbox. However, he’s too preoccupied worrying about his mom’s decorations and the letter gets sent back to the house. 

After having a heart-to-heart with Faye in which he vows not to let Todd ruin her version of Christmas, Chase joins Savannah and Grayson in taking Chloe to go sit on Santa’s lap. However, the savvy kid knows that the man at the mall is just one of Santa’s helpers and she remains worried that the big man himself won’t get the message she’s at Faye’s. 

Exhausted from cleaning up Todd’s holiday messes, Savannah and Chase sit their dad down for a “Christmas intervention.” They lay it out for him and explain he’s on the verge of ruining Christmas for both his mother and granddaughter. Todd notes that he is just committed to giving the family the “best Christmas that money can buy.” His kids explain that it’s not about the money or the decorations but about giving people the love and respect to get what they want.

Just like that, Todd turns over a new leaf. He first goes over to Faye’s house and single-handedly hangs up all her decorations, no matter how kitsch he thinks they are. He even verbally makes peace with Buck!

Faye comes home and is absolutely beaming with excitement to see Christmas done her way with Todd’s blessing. 

“Who said you were the Grinch?” a proud Julie says. 

“Pretty much everyone,” Todd responds. 

However, his work isn’t done. He figures out the perfect way to make Chloe stop worrying about Santa not finding her. On the side of Faye’s house, he hangs a massive picture of the youngster with the words “Hey Santa, Chloe lives here.” He even completes the look with light-up arrows pointing to the sign. A rocket ship couldn't miss the sign let alone Santa's sleigh. 

“You know why I did all this for you?” Todd asks Chloe. “Because I love you to the moon and back and I have always made sure my kids have a great Christmas just like my mama always made sure I had a great Christmas.” 

With that, the sun rose and the Chrisleys gathered around to make yet another year-worth of happy holiday memories. Fortunately, they have a lot more memories to make in the remainder of Season 9 and the upcoming Season 10 of “Chrisley Knows Best.”
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