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Chase's Advice, Savannah's Revenge & Bribing Grayson: The Funniest 'Chrisley Knows Best' Sibling Moments

Chase, Savannah, and Grayson have shared some hilarious moments over the years on "Chrisley Knows Best." 

By Tyler McCarthy

Like every family, the siblings on "Chrisley Knows Best" spend most of their time bickering, pulling pranks, and generally terrorizing one another — with plenty of sweet moments in between.

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Growing up as one of Julie and Todd Chrisley's kids is both a blessing and a challenge, which Chase, Savannah, and Grayson prove every day. Viewers have seen the kids grow up over the years and bond through every argument, childhood mishap, and eccentricity of their father. As a result, there is no shortage of footage of the trio’s most hilarious sibling antics.

To demonstrate the ups and downs of the siblings' relationships, below are just some of the most hilarious moments that prove there’s nothing quite like the bond that comes from growing up a Chrisley. 

Creating A Ladies' Man

In the episode “Players and Party Planners,” Grayson and Chase go over to Nanny Faye’s house with Todd to retrieve old boxes of their stuff from childhood to make room for whatever new treasures their grandmother plans to collect. 

Chase finds a box of old relics that reminds him of the “ladies' man” he used to be when he was Grayson’s age, including an old cell phone with saucy text messages, bottles of cologne, and a book titled “The Great Book Of The Best Pickup Lines.” Chase tells Grayson his pickup lines are better, but says the book will help him “get a footprint” before coming up with his own. 

“Grayson doesn’t need all that. He’s a foot taller than you and look at this,” Todd says, gesturing to his youngest son’s good looks. 

Despite his dad’s encouragement, Grayson is excited to get the basics of picking up ladies from his older brother. Unfortunately, he learns later in the episode that following Chase’s romantic advice might not be the best way to land a date. 

Heart-To-Heart Art

In a heartwarming sibling moment, Chase realizes the error of his ways after showing Savannah a picture of her ex-boyfriend with another girl in the episode “Baking Up Is Hard To Do.” When she gets upset, he simply tells her she’s overreacting and to get over it. 

However, over time he starts to see that there is a lot more at play when it comes to his sister’s feelings and realizes he was only making things worse. To apologize, he accompanies her and her friend Collins to a painting class where he admits he was “just wrong.” 

“She doesn’t need to find her self-worth in no man,” Chase says. “Because all men are pieces of sh**.” 

“I agree 100 percent,” Savannah admits. “I’m not going to lie, I’m in a better mood already, this was helpful.”

Thanks to her brother realizing how wrong he was, Savannah is actually able to shed some of her own negative feelings over her breakup.

“I’m just entering a new phase and it’s all about becoming who I am,” she adds. “Spreading my wings and allowing myself to grow and not compare myself to others.” 

Covering Their Tracks

In the episode “Misadventures in Babysitting,” the Chrisley kids learn the importance of sticking together, particularly when it comes to selling their parents on a lie. 

When Chase and Savannah are tasked with babysitting Grayson while their parents go out, all they hear is an opportunity to take the car without supervision. Chase brings Grayson along to cards with his friends. Savannah, meanwhile, goes off and gets her nails done with a friend. 

What they don’t count on is their parents coming home early. The kids race home and try to make it look like they’ve been there the whole time, even putting Grayson’s head under the sink so it looks like he took a bath. Unfortunately, Todd and Julie immediately detect something is fishy when they get home and their kids look like the cat that ate the canary. Chase and Savannah pull their little brother aside and bribe him with $100 to keep quiet. Unfortunately, the youngster isn’t as adept at lying as his siblings. 

When they get called into Todd and Julie’s room individually, Grayson cracks, forcing confessions from Chase and Savannah as well. When it’s all said and done, it’s unclear if they learned to stick together, avoid lying to lie or simply nothing at all. 

Baby Lesson

When Savannah and Chase lose a bet in the episode “Bringing Up Baby,” they’re forced to take on the duties of their parents for an entire day while Todd and Julie go out for a night on the town. 

When their parents lay out a list of tasks for them to accomplish, the kids roll their eyes and act like they can handle their daily duties with ease. Todd does not take too kindly to this and ups the ante in a way that only Todd Chrisley can. 

He brings out a practice baby doll that is designed to cry and fuss like a regular newborn. He informs his kids that, in addition to the chores, they’ll need to make sure the practice baby doll is taken care of as well. When Chase mentions he didn’t sign up for this as part of their bet, Todd won't hear it. 

“I didn’t sign up for all of this 21 years ago,” he says. “Nothing about life is fair.” 

With that, Todd and Julie depart and Savannah quickly ditches her older brother with the baby doll — but not before making it cry for him.

Fun-Sized Chase

In the Season 9 premiere, Chase gets a little sensitive about his height when his mother asks him to reach a bowl on a high shelf.

He stretches as far as he can and still fails to reach. So, Julie puts his younger, taller brother to the task.

“Move out of the way and let a grown man get it,” Todd jokes.

Chase is used to his parents poking fun at his height, but when Grayson gets in on the jokes by calling his older brother “fun-sized,” Chase isn’t having it. He says his height isn’t a reflection of his masculinity and, although Grayson is taller, he is not stronger. He invites his little brother to come to the gym with him and Savannah to see if he can keep up, but it’s Grayson who gets the last word. 

“I’m excited for a nice, easy workout,” he says. 

Preppy Grayson

Every youngest sibling knows what it’s like to be roasted by their elders. Such was the case when Grayson met up with Chase and Savannah wearing an outfit their dad picked out for him.

The preppy look included a tucked white polo, khaki shorts, and pristine white sneakers.

As soon as Grayson shows up, Chase has something snarky to say about the look. 

"You look like you just did your taxes,” he jokes. “You look like, whenever you get into an argument, you’re like, ‘My dad is a lawyer and he’ll sue you!’”

Savannah sticks up for her little brother, explaining she always liked the outfits her dad picked out for them.

“Growing up in our family, mom and dad have always had strict rules when it comes to our appearance and I always pass with flying colors,” she says.

“Unlike you and Grayson, I don’t let Daddy pick out all my clothes,” Chase says.

“Yeah, you just go steal it from his closet,” his sister replies.

“Yeah, but it’s on my terms.” 

Getting the Story Straight

In the Season 1 episode “Two Men and a Baby,” Chase reluctantly agrees to help his sister avoid some trouble. 

Over the years, Savannah has had some trouble behind the wheel that proved scary at times. However, one of her earlier mishaps took place in her own driveway when she hit the only other car parked there.

Not wanting to confess to her parents that she hit a parked car, she fibs and says someone backed into them while they were eating at a restaurant. When she asks Chase to back her lie, he agrees but can’t help but scold his sister’s driving abilities.

“I don't’ know how it’s possible, I got a 99 on my test,” she says.

“That shows you how dysfunctional the Georgia DMV actually is,” Chase responds.

He gets even more sassy with his sister when she asks him to help her keep her story straight. 

“If you are so stupid that you tell another story, then you deserve to ge caught,” he says. “If you’re going to lie, stick with one lie.”

Unfortunately, Todd doesn’t really believe her. Luckily, baby Chloe arrives at the house for the first time and distracts him enough to not unleash hell. 

Troublemaking Trio

Grayson proves that, even though he’s the youngest, he can terrorize his siblings with the best of them in the episode titled “Moving On.” 

When Savannah has the unfortunate task of babysitting her youngest brother and his two friends, she quickly learns Grayson gets significantly less sweet when he’s trying to impress his buddies. 

“When Grayson is with me, he’s great. He’s an angel. But when he has two other kids with him, he’s the devil,” she says. 

“I see that devil, I’m not blinded by this sweet front that he puts on,” Chase says. “I know that he’s a little devil.”

Grayson soon proves his brother right when he and his friends sneak downstairs armed to the teeth with dart guns and unload on Savannah, who can do nothing but use her laptop to block the shots while shouting, “I bruise easily!”

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