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Watch The Chrisleys Get Crazy In These Deleted 'Chrisley Knows Best' Scenes

Todd, Julie, Nanny Faye and the kids get up to a lot on "Chrisley Knows Best" and not all of it can fit on TV.

By Tyler McCarthy
The family on 'Chrisley Knows Best'

The Chrisley family gets up to a lot of wild antics that can’t always fit in an episode of “Chrisley Knows Best.” As a result, some of their most fun moments get left on the cutting room floor.  

How to Watch

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Fortunately, many of the best unaired moments have made their way online in deleted scenes for the whole world to enjoy. Whether it’s Nanny Faye offering some harsh truths to her loved ones or Todd doing his best to defy the realities of aging, there is always something exciting and a little crazy happening with the Chrisleys.  

If you’re feeling like you’re missing out on some quality time with America’s favorite family, never fear. Below are just some of the “Chrisley Knows Best” deleted scenes that savvy fans and newcomers alike simply have to see:  

Nanny Faye Checks Todd’s Ego 

In a deleted scene from the Season 8 episode “Bother-In-Law,” Todd offers his mother his secret to a youthful look: a glutathione IV treatment. She hates needles, though, and is even more reluctant to go through with the procedure when Julie comes in, mocks them both and reveals she’s taking the kids for pizza. Todd says they’re getting their day’s nutrition from the treatment.  

Between the needle and missing out on pizza, Faye is ready to bail. Still, her son insists all the major Hollywood stars are using glutathione to live longer. He goes as far as to say it’s been the secret of what he believes is his uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt.  

Fortunately, Todd’s mother isn’t shy about putting him in check when his ego gets a little too big.  

“Todd, I’m your mother,” she says. “And you need to get it in your head that you’re not as good looking as Brad Pitt.”


Chase Rescues Grayson From A Party 

In another deleted scene from Season 8, fans actually see the moment Chase picks up his younger brother after he snuck out to attend a party their parents didn’t want him going to.  

Although Chase often plays the fool to annoy his parents, he plays the part of the concerned older brother just as well. When he pulls up to Grayson waiting in an empty parking lot, he immediately asks if he’s OK. He then puts on his adult hat and begins to lecture the youngster.  

“Dude, if I’m telling you not to do it, you probably shouldn’t do it,” he says.  

Grayson agrees and admits he couldn’t even enjoy himself at the party because he spent the whole time worrying he was going to get caught. Chase notes he should let Grayson get in trouble so he’d learn his lesson the way he always had to at his age.  

“Chase, you have no idea how much trouble I’d be in,” Grayson says.  

“Grayson, I do know how much trouble you’re going to be in because, guess what, I’ve been in that trouble a thousand times,” Chase says.  

However, he admits he’s proud of his little brother for voluntarily leaving the party and doing the safe thing by calling him for help. So, he agrees not to snitch on the condition Grayson doesn’t ever “pull a stunt” like this again.  

“Just be who you are. You don’t have to go to these parties and act like a dumba--,” Chase says. 


Todd Scolds Savannah Over Her Nails 

As fans of “Chrisley Knows Best” already understand, if Todd doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know it in no time at all.  

So, when he accompanies Savannah to the nail salon in a deleted scene from Season 9, he’s happy to offer his advice and ruthlessly scolds his daughter when she pitches something he isn’t on board with.  

While trying to select a nail color, Savannah can’t decide so she muses she may do one color on her hands and another on her feet. Todd quickly puts his foot down and practically has a fit in the salon over the idea.  

“You don’t do that! That’s trashy,” he says. “You do not have your feet one color and your hands another color. Find you one color. I’m paying for one color. We’re not getting all extra stuff, I’m paying for one color.”  

Undeterred, Savannah quickly shoots back that he’s ruining something that she does to unwind. 

“Daddy, I don’t go to the nail place to be put on a budget,” she says. “I go to splurge and relax and enjoy my time.” 

“Well good, then you can pay for mine today and that’ll be your splurge,” a steamed Todd says. 

As much as he doesn’t want Savannah to have two colors, he scoffs even further at the idea of her painting his nails to see if she likes the color. 

“You’re not painting me, no!” Todd says. “I’m not your girlfriend, I’m your daddy.”  


Chase Busts Out Turkey Hunting Equipment For Faye 

In a deleted scene from Season 7, Nanny Faye is looking to go turkey hunting. So, Chase and Elliot meet with her at Julie’s place to show off the equipment they bought. Faye immediately hands everyone in the kitchen a turkey caller and shows them how to use it.  

The noise quickly attracts Savannah from upstairs who wants to see where the awful cacophony is coming from. She demands they stop, but, of course, they do not. Finally, she’s had enough and retreats upstairs as Elliot chases her out of the room with the call.  

“It sounds like nails on a chalkboard, no!” she screams. 

Although Savannah is upset, Chase realizes he’s discovered a way to make his sister leave any room. 

“You just changed my life,” he jokingly tells Elliot. “I just figured out how to get rid of Savannah!”  

Nanny Faye Gives The Family A Crash Course In Goats 

To cross something off her Bucket List, Faye brings the family to a farm in a deleted scene from Season 7. There, she teaches them a thing or two about how she used to grow up, starting with how to interact with goats. The family is treated to her goat call as well as other fun facts about the creatures such as “goats will eat a tin can” and “if you scare them, they will faint.”  

The kids are skeptical of these facts, for good reason. Unfortunately, Faye is incorrect. Goats eating tin cans is a myth, according to Modern Farmer. Additionally, although there is indeed a breed called “fainting goats,” they don’t actually faint in the sense they lose consciousness. Instead, their muscles just go stiff as a reaction to fear and they fall over, according to Farmers Almanac

Before anyone can look up any of Faye’s goat facts, they’re distracted by none other than farmer Todd making his way toward them on a tractor filled with hay. He agreed to do something so wildly out of character just to make his mom happy on her birthday.  

“My mother has been the greatest mother of all time,” he declares.  

Chase Doesn’t Know His Colors 

Chase Chrisley became the butt of the joke when he got a few things wrong in his critique of his parents’ new kitchen cabinets.  

In a deleted scene from the Season 8 premiere, Chase is showing off his new haircut to his dad. Although Todd has less to say about it than he did Savannah’s new do, he’s still not a fan of Chase’s close-cropped cut.  

Changing the subject, Julie asks Chase’s opinion on their new cabinets, noting she absolutely loves them. 

“I really do appreciate all the updates to my future home,” Chase jokes. 

He then gets serious, and subsequently funnier, when he tries to say the color choice isn’t for him. 

“I mean, I don’t know about the color,” he says. “I don’t really love mauve, but…”  

For those unfamiliar, mauve is a pale shade of purple, which the cabinets are not. Furthermore, the word is pronounced closer to the word “move” than the word “save,” which Chase also gets wrong.  

“Are you trying to save mauve?” a stunned Todd asks. “These cabinets are blue.” 

Tying things back to his disapproval of Chase’s hair, Todd adds: “You know, when they cut Samson’s hair in the Bible, he lost his strength.”  

“I don’t even know who Sampson is,” Chase says. “I was dumb before I cut my hair.” 

Todd Tries To Dress Young 

Whether it is through Botox or fashion or a hyperbaric chamber, Todd always does his best to maintain his youth.  

Fortunately, he has his family to keep his more out-there efforts in check. In a deleted scene from Season 9, Julie and Savannah are playing a game of MASH with Grayson when Todd comes downstairs sporting a black beanie, a trendy distressed green hoodie and black ripped jeans. The family quickly notices this as his latest attempt to look young. Grayson is the first to delicately touch the subject by saying the outfit looks like something 25-year-old Chase would wear.  

“You know, I get so many people that say ‘you could be Chase’s brother,’” Todd says.  

He informs the judgmental group his outfit can’t be bad because it came right off the mannequin in the store.  

“A 13-year-old mannequin, a little boy?” Savannah says.  

Julie does her best to salvage her husband’s ego by complimenting his optimism.  

“Honey, I’ve got to give you something, you’ve got positive thinking. You’ve got it down to an art,” she says. 

“Are you trying to say that I don’t look young?!” an unamused Todd shoots back. 

“No honey, I’m trying to say you look ridiculous,” Julie says.  

Undeterred, Todd leaves to go meet up with Chase, confident he’ll be able to pass as one of his young son’s peers.  

“You can hate all you want to, but I’m going out and showing this look off, because I look great,” he concludes. “Peace out b****es.”  

Todd And Julie’s safe word 

In Season 8, Episode 4, Todd is forced to get over the jealousy he feels toward Julie’s fit badminton instructor. In a deleted scene from that episode, he, Savannah, Faye and Julie decide to play a friendly game in which he gains a newfound respect for how difficult the game is.  

“I mean, badminton is great, if we can just get past this whole shuttlecock thing,” he gripes.  

“We don’t have to say ‘shuttlecock’ anymore,” Julie says.  

“No, that can be our safe word.”  

That’s when Julie gives viewers a bit too much insight into their personal bedroom time. 

“So we’re not using Cacow anymore?”  

“No,” Todd says matter-of-factly.  


Nanny Faye Shows Off Little Todd 

When Nanny Faye decides to compete in a talent show, she debuts a new member of the family in the form of her ventriloquist dummy, Little Todd.  

In a deleted scene from Season 7, Faye and Chase are backstage at the show in their green room getting Little Todd decked out in Gucci and Burberry mini clothes. However, when Todd comes in, he’s not impressed by the doll or its fashion sense.  

“So let me get this right, you’re going to go on stage and impersonate me through this?” he calmly asks.  

To prove she’s not joking, Faye has Little Todd utter one of Big Todd’s most famous catchphrases: “Ignorance I can fix, stupid is forever.”  

“Mamma, when I told you that you were funny and to do something you’re good at, that didn’t mean make fun of me,” Todd says. 

“That’s not my problem,” Faye responds. 

“Fine, I’m willing to be the butt of the joke, because you know what, impersonating someone is like the sincerest form of flattery,” Todd concludes. “I love you.” 


Nanny Faye Makes Her Own Groundhog Day 

In a deleted scene from Season 8, Todd and Chase show up at Faye’s complaining about the cold weather in Nashville in February. Fortunately, she’s already hatched a plan to do something about it.  

In an effort to recreate Groundhog Day in her home, she’s put out a small patch of grass and tells the duo she plans to see if the groundhog she’s planning to release in the house will see its shadow. Stunned by the mere premise, Todd is in for another shock when he peeks into the cage and realizes his mother’s groundhog is actually just a guinea pig. 

“Well that’s the next thing to it,” Faye argues. 

Meanwhile, Chase has already made himself comfortable on the edge of the couch knowing full well there’s nothing that can stop one of his grandmother’s plans when it’s this far along.  

“Well, let’s see if we’re going to have cold weather, Nanny,” he says.   

“Don’t encourage this!” Todd tells him. 

“It’s going to happen regardless.”  

Unfortunately for the family and the rest of Nashville, Faye determines the “groundhog” did not see its shadow, meaning they’re all in for six more weeks of winter.  

“I hate cold, and I had this bikini picked out,” Faye says. “I may have to go and take it back.”  

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