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The Funniest Moments From ‘Chrisley Knows Best' Season 8

The family on "Chrisley Knows Best" shared a lot of wild times in Season 8 that had audiences laughing.

By Tyler McCarthy

Chrisley Knows Best” Season 8 proved two things. First, there is never a dull moment in the Chrisley household and second, they’re one of the funniest families on TV. 

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From hilarious pranks to painful medical procedures — not to mention some of Nanny Faye’s most outrageous antics to date — Season 8 was one for the books. It was chock full of moments that had fans falling out of their seats and family patriarch Todd Chrisley pulling his hair out. With so many hysterical moments to choose from, it’s hard to lock down the funniest, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Chrisleys, it’s perseverance.

To help fans recall what are doubtlessly the most iconic and side-splitting highlights of Season 8, below is a rundown of the season’s top 10 most hilarious moments


Ckb Season 8 Nanny Faye Dining

Nanny Faye won’t let anything as trivial as reality stop her from having a good time. 

When Chase and Todd head over to her place in the episode "Puppy Love," they’re floored to see she’s decked the living room out to look like a tropical getaway. They find her sitting in a Hawaiian lei and sipping a frozen drink. Her philosophy is, “if you can’t go to the island, bring the island to you.” 

She even argues that a tropical vacation is not a location but merely a “state of mind.” Todd and Chase playfully mock her until she explains that she’s too busy thinking about the waves, the sand and “all the men going by in their banana hammocks.” 

Chase is unclear on what that means until his father explains it to him, prompting him to scold his granny for her potty mouth. 

Chloe’s Shopping

Ckb Season 8 Todd Chloe Julie Birthday

When 7-year-old Chloe starts asking her parents for a cell phone in the episode "Bother-In-Law," they’re adamant that she’s too young to have her face buried in a screen all the time like Chase, Savannah and Grayson. However, the youngster is persistent. 

When Chase takes her to see her great-grandma, Nanny Faye seizes the opportunity to spoil Chloe rotten and gives her one of her old phones. 

Sure enough, packages (such as a massive dollhouse) start showing up at Todd and Julie’s house with Faye’s name on them and when Todd confronts his mother, she’s clueless. However, she quickly puts together that she forgot to disconnect the shopping accounts on the phone before turning it over to her precocious great-granddaughter. Still, Faye doesn’t regret the move, noting that she simply wanted to feel connected to Chloe. 

Todd isn’t impressed. 

“You wasn’t connecting with Chloe because Chloe was connecting with buying s**t online,” he snaps. 

Faye admits she probably wouldn’t have given Chloe the phone if she’d realized how smart she was, hilariously confessing that she thought people her age barely knew their ABCs, let alone how to shop online. 

Mall Haul

Ckb Season 8 Chase Nanny Faye Shopping

Some of the funniest moments on “Chrisley Knows Best” come from the family purposely driving Todd insane. Such was the case in the episode "Grandma Theft Auto." when Nanny Faye and Chase got back from a trip to the mall and started unpacking their various new trinkets. 

An oblivious Nanny Faye begins the clip by showing off her new personal massager, which Chase and Todd clearly recognize for its more R-rated uses. Just when Todd thinks his family can’t get any more mortifying, Chase pulls out a ridiculously elaborate and expensive-looking pair of night vision goggles. 

“You know,” an exasperated Todd says with his face buried in his hands. “People look back across their life with regret.”

The scene ends with the family patriarch declaring that his mother and Chase are never going to the mall unsupervised again.

New ‘Do

Ckb Season 8 Savannah Smiling

Season 8 kicks off with a shocker from Savannah, who surprises Todd and Julie at lunch by nonchalantly debuting her new, much shorter hairdo. 

In an event that’s surely noteworthy in the Chrisley household, Todd and Julie are literally speechless at the sight of their daughter. After a long moment of staring in total shock, Todd chokes out a simple “Who are you?”

He also demands to know if she’s having a “breakdown” by making such a bold hair decision right before her wedding to her then-fiance, Nic Kerdiles. 

Despite the side-splittingly poor reception from her parents, Savannah feels great about her decision, calling it “liberating.” 

Once again, Todd feels differently. 

“What is Savannah doing getting ‘liberated’ right before a wedding?” a flabbergasted Todd asks. “That’s the s**t you do after a divorce.” 

Ultimately, Savannah reveals she called off her engagement. That said, her bold new hairstyle wasn’t necessarily a reaction to her breakup as much as a statement of individuality and freedom for herself — the fact that it annoyed her dad to no end was likely just a huge bonus. 


Ckb Season 8 Nanny Faye Chase Driving

When Nanny Faye decides she’s not losing the neighborhood’s annual golf cart Christmas parade in the episode "Snitchy Bitchy," she enlists Chase’s help to play dirty. 

They decide to ride around the neighborhood and get “inspiration” by checking up on what other contestants are doing. This is otherwise known as “cheating.”

They start with Faye’s rival, Debbie, who won the contest last year. Nanny has Chase hop up on a fence and peep through a window into Debbie’s home to see how she is decorating her cart this year. However, one doesn’t become a prize-winning golf cart Christmas parade contestant without some top-notch security. 

Chase leaps from his perch when a dog starts barking at them from inside the house. This prompts him to high-tail it back to their cart, where he almost takes off and leaves his own grandmother to fend for herself against the neighborhood watchdog.

Tattoo removal

Ckb Season 8 Chase Todd Eating

In 2016, Chase got a tattoo of a Bible verse on his right rib that Todd has never been shy about voicing his displeasure over. 

The father and son made a deal that if Todd paid for Chase’s car, he would get the tattoo removed. Although Chase had undergone several (uncomfortable) laser removal treatments, the ink wasn’t fully gone years later, forcing Todd and Julie to hatch a scheme to make the boy finally make good on his end of the bargain. 

The episode "Let's Talk About Sex, Grayson" opens with Todd in the doctor’s office worrying about getting a procedure done on his ankle. Chase is excitedly preparing to film his dad’s painful experience to post online, totally unaware that he’s in for a rude awakening.

When the doctor comes in, Julie and Todd reveal that the appointment is actually to get the last of his tattoo lasered off. That’s right, it was a Chrisley family trick! The tables turn quickly with Todd now being the one holding a phone and gleefully filming his son’s cries of agony as the ink is finally seared off his body for good.

Rated R

Ckb Season 8 Grayson Chase Cooking

When Julie notices a change in Grayson’s attitude (spending all his time in his room, avoiding family time, being short-tempered, etc.), she puts Chase on the case. He quickly discovers that, for the first time in his life, Grayson has a password on his computer. 

He and Julie jump to the conclusion that, being a 14-year-old boy, Grayson has discovered online pornography. Naturally, they task Todd with having an incredibly uncomfortable one-on-one with the boy to talk about the issue. 

Almost immediately, the chat goes as predictably off-the-rails as one would expect a Chrisley sex talk to go. 

Hilariously, it is revealed that the talk wasn’t even necessary. Grayson is not locking himself away in his room to do anything but play video games. The reason for the password protection on his computer was to prevent Chloe from “downloading kid stuff.” As for why he’s avoiding his mom, it turns out Grayson is indeed becoming a teenager after all. He explains to Todd that he he doesn’t appreciate how much Julie is babying him by doing things like ordering his food and just generally treating him like his 7-year-old niece. 

Still, Todd can’t help but get in one last warning about pornography before the duo concludes the awkward chat.

“Son, just remember, if you see things on the internet like porn... it’ll cause you to go blind,” he lies.

Pool Prank

Todd Chrisley Funniest Moments

Good pranks involve multiple accomplices, but great pranks involve a twist ending. 

In the episode "Faye's Pig Adventure," Todd enlists Chloe and Grayson’s help luring Chase to the edge of the pool so they could push him in by pretending the youngster suffered a leg injury. It goes flawlessly. Unfortunately, Todd’s victory is short-lived. 

While the snarky father stands at the edge of the pool gloating about the weeks of planning that went into his latest caper with the kids, Chloe gets to work behind him. She signals Julie and Savannah, who were lying in wait around the corner the whole time, to sneak up on Todd and give him a good shove into the pool as well — shoes and all. 

When Todd calls out Chloe for betraying him, she sasses him back in typical Chrisley family style. 

“I learned from the best,” she teases.

Allergy Testing

Ckb Season 8 Nanny Faye

After complaining to the family about her aggressive allergies in the episode "Let's Bee-Have," Todd and Savannah find Nanny Faye trying out what she calls an “old country cure for allergies” that apparently involves rubbing oatmeal on her arms. 

Todd and Savannah aren’t convinced it’s doing anything for her other than making a mess of her kitchen. Instead, Todd gives her a clinical allergy test that will tell his mom everything she’s allergic to. Unfortunately, it requires him to swab Nanny’s cheek, and she isn’t exactly the best patient. She makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she hates things going in her mouth.

After everyone comes down with a case of the giggles while trying to properly swab a fighting Nanny Faye, Todd finally succeeds. Before he can leave, his mother punishes him for the procedure by oversharing some details about her love life. 

“I have a sensitive gag reflex,” she says.

“That’s things that you never want to hear your mother say,” Todd responds.

“Or your grandmother,” Savannah adds.

“And your papa didn’t want to hear it either,” Faye says, prompting groans of disbelief from her son and granddaughter. 

Grayson’s DM

Ckb Season 8 Julie Todd Dining

When Grayson asks his parents if he can finally have a social media account to boost his college baseball prospects, in the episode "Selling Todd," they reluctantly agree. 

As he expected, the account starts getting some attention right out of the gate. Unfortunately, it’s not attention that Todd and Julie approve of. 

Todd pays Chase $200 for the password to Grayson’s account so he can see what kind of direct messages he’s getting. While most are pleasant, he spots that one female follower had sent Grayson a nude photo of herself. Although the boy didn’t ask for the racy image, Todd finds that he responded with a heart-eye emoji.

Julie immediately begins taking steps to confront Grayson about her fears of giving him a social media account coming true. Chase tries to offer his advice but is shot down in record time. Unfortunately, Todd jumps the gun and merely tosses Grayson’s phone in a smoothie as punishment. Although it seems harsh, the lesson was clearly learned. 

In the end, the punishment was nothing a little straight talk and a bag of rice couldn’t fix. 


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