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Ranking Todd Chrisley's Funniest Moments

The "Chrisley Knows Best" family loves to laugh both with and at Todd.

By Tyler McCarthy
Todd Chrisley Funniest Moments

The titular family and stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” are people who love to laugh — whether it's with or at the expense of prickly family patriarch, Todd Chrisley. 

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Although Julie, Nanny Faye, Savannah, Chase, Grayson and Chloe wouldn’t truly be happy without their dad at the helm of the family, they can’t help but laugh at him once in a while. That said, Todd often proves to be the funniest member of the family, but he’s especially funny when his family tries his patience. 

Throughout the years,some of the biggest laughs on “Chrisley Knows Best” centered in some way, shape or form on Todd Chrisley simply being Todd Chrisley. While it’s impossible to rank every single one of the moments that have made fans laugh, there are definitely a few that stand out. 

To help fans relive some of the funniest Todd moments from all nine seasons of “Chrisley Knows Best,” below is a rundown of our top 10 favorites:

10) Todd Teaches Sex Ed

In the episode "College Bootcamp," Todd was shocked to learn that Chase needed to pay a stranger to change a flat tire for him. Realizing he’s neglected to teach his almost-college-aged kids some basic life skills, he decides to give them a crash course. In addition to attempting to teach them how to change a tire for themselves, he enlists them in a self-defense class and does his best to show them how to do their own laundry. However, Todd’s most cringeworthy and hilarious moment comes when he sits Chase and Savannah down for a chat about sex

The Chrisley wisdom about sex includes using a medical sketch to explain where expected boundaries are on the body, telling Savannah to never let anyone touch her from her neck “to the equator.” 

Chase and Savannah finally hit full retreat mode when Todd whips out a banana, presumably to demonstrate the proper way to put on a condom. As the kids flee, he decides he may as well snack on the fruit instead. 

9) Todd Confronts Big E

Even the Chrisley’s developed odd COVID-19 quarantine hobbies in 2020. For Nanny Faye, that meant dusting off her husband’s old CB radio. In the episode titled "Wrong Side of 40," she befriends a man with the handle “Big E” and they even make plans to meet up in person. 

This doesn’t sit right with Todd, who assumes the man has nefarious intent and is catfishing his mother. When he and Chase arrive at Faye’s house and find her occupied in another room, Todd seizes the opportunity to play the protective son over the radio.

Operating under the unimaginative handle “Big T,” Todd gets Nanny’s even-tempered friend on the horn where he threatens him if he ever contacts his mom again, let alone meets up with her. Assuring Todd that he has no ill intent toward Faye, who he describes as a “sweet lady,” Big E is over and out without being deterred by Big T’s half-hearted threats, funny and empty as they may have been. 

In the end, Faye ends up meeting with Big E, who was on the up-and-up the whole time. He even commended Todd for being protective of his mom. 

8) Todd’s Opossum Impression

As longtime fans of “Chrisley Knows Best” will tell you, Todd is not big on animals, especially when they’re in his home. So, when Grayson brings his friend’s hedgehog to the house in the episode "Bunions, BUlldogs ANd Hedgehogs, Oh My!" his dad is not at all enchanted by the critter. 

Todd starts complaining about the situation from the moment Grayson shows up with the adorable caged animal and demands that he be placed in the heated garage instead of being with them in the main house. 

Todd takes a moment to stare into the hedgehog’s eyes and compares it to an opossum. He even goes as far as to do a side-splittingly good impression of one after it’s been hit by a car on the road, prompting belly laughs from both Julie and Grayson. However, Todd stops finding the situation funny when the hedgehog begins to scale its cage and threatens to get out. Fortunately for him, it’s unable to do so and a superior-feeling Todd gets to wash his hands of the situation and banish the critter to the garage.

7) Todd and Julie's Date Night Goes Wrong

Sometimes, Todd Chrisley can be funny without actually intending to be. Such was the case when he took his wife out for a date night that ended up being a comedy of errors on his part. 

When Todd and Julie go out to eat at a restaurant in the episode "Emotionally In-Vested," she audibly admires a woman in a bright red dress who passes by them. Todd looks up from his meal to see what his wife is talking about… but lets his gaze linger just a beat too long. 

Julie scolds him for staring at the woman but Todd insists that he was just looking to confirm that she would look good in a similar dress. 

“You said ‘look at her dress,’ I looked at the dress,” he says, confused. 

“And you kept on looking, I thought you was going to break your neck!” she responds. 

Julie confesses that she doesn’t feel comfortable in a dress like that right now. Todd, thinking he is saying the right thing to boost her confidence, says the exact wrong thing and breaks about every guideline of being a good husband there is.

“I like a little junk in the trunk,” he says, hilariously digging himself perhaps the biggest grave in Chrisley family history. 

Needless to say, date night was not a success. 

6) Todd Fakes Getting Plastic Surgery

The Chrisley family loves a good prank. There have been many doozies throughout the years on “Chrisley Knows Best.” However, Todd proved why he is unrivaled in the prank department in the episode "Midlife Chrisley" when he faked getting plastic surgery. 

Savannah and Chase were teasing him about his looks, which made the typically vain Todd start to feel a little self-conscious about his aging. However, being a good parent, he sees this as less of a moment to obsess over how he looks and more of a moment to teach his youngsters a harsh lesson. 

He shows up to the house looking like a horror movie mummy with his entire face bandaged along with fake bruises under his eyes. He has Julie tell the kids he got a ton of plastic surgery done and puts on an Oscar-worthy performance of struggling to get out of the car and into a wheelchair. All the while, his kids look on feeling guilty for poking fun at him. 

“Y’all can’t say things to people and expect them not to take it to heart,” he laments in his most pathetic, guilt-inducing voice. 

Finally, it’s time for the big reveal. As he begins to unravel his bandages, he tells Chase and Savannah, “if I were a weak person, I would have probably actually gone and done that s***.” 

While the kids are relieved that they didn’t accidentally encourage their dad to totally alter his face, they can’t help but be a little miffed at having been duped by the best. 

5) Todd Hates Needles

For a man who is open about loving his botox, Todd Chrisley sure has a fear of needles.

In the episode "Todd Goes Country," Todd is planning a big surprise birthday for Julie where he’ll debut the song he recorded for her with Sara Evans, “Infinite Love.” However, when he starts to develop flu-like symptoms, it calls his plans and his voice into question.

In an act of devotion to his wife that proved hysterical to both Chase and viewers, Todd has a nurse he calls “Nurse Ratched” over to administer an IV to help his symptoms subside in time for the party. However, in true Todd fashion, he gets hysterical at the site of the needle and spends the whole time screaming his head off as the nurse patiently does her work.  

4) Todd Slides Into Home

Todd Chrisley can be called many things but “sports star” would not be one of them. 

However, that didn’t stop him from filling in as the new coach on Grayson’s baseball team in the episode "Life's A Pitch." Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear the team isn’t going to make the championship under his coaching. So, he hires his friend professional baseball player C.J. Stewart to lend a hand. 

In an effort to prove he’s not entirely inept at the game, though, Todd attempts to do a belly slide into home plate to impress the kids. Unfortunately for him, his attempts are significantly less than impressive

His first try sees him crawling to home, and he follows that up with what is essentially a belly flop onto the plate. Finally, afraid to slide full-speed, he instead jogs up to home and takes a knee, prompting the little leaguers to tackle him to the ground and playfully beat him with their hats, putting an end to any hopes of Major League play Todd may have had. 

3) Todd Tries To Be More ‘Refined’

After doing an episode of his podcast, “Chrisley Confessions,” in the episode "Age Against the Machine," Todd makes the mistake of reading the listener comments and finds that trolls are mocking his South Carolina accent. Normally, he’s proud of his southern drawl, but he’s about to shoot a promo as a brand ambassador for a product he describes as “refined.” 

“I don’t want to let the brand down by sounding like a yokel and getting all this negative feedback,” he explains. 

However, when he shows up to the shoot and tests out his new, “refined” accent, he finds that you really can take the boy out of the south, but not the south out of the boy. 

He almost ruins the campaign by being unable to pronounce the word “cocktails” without sounding like a wonky British man. Fortunately, he eventually learns to embrace who he is and puts the odd new accent out to pasture before coming back and nailing the brand ambassador shoot in that way only Todd Chrisley can. 

2) Todd and Grayson Can’t Take The Heat

In the episode "Tattoo You," Julie is experimenting with new peppers to make her chili “outstanding” ahead of an upcoming competition. She explains that she went out and got some of the spiciest chili peppers there are for a taste test. In a moment of hubris, Todd and Grayson scoff at the idea of anything being too spicy for them. 

She cuts them a slice of a mild pepper first, which only inflates their egos and makes them think they can handle the tougher stuff. Julie obliges and the duo munch on what appears to be a habanero pepper. They’re fine at first. Eventually, though, the spice kicks in and they find themselves begging her for a glass of milk. 

“Hurry up, are you milking a cow?!” Todd shouts as he and Grayson gag. 

After a bit of soothing dairy, Todd offers his son a little bit of spicy advice to close out the clip.

“Grayson, do not fart because you will set this room on fire.”

1) Chase’s Wisdom Teeth Prank

As mentioned, pranks are the height of hilarity in the Chrisley household and Todd’s are some of the best. He’s even able to pull out some pretty clever tricks without a shred of planning. 

Such was the case when Chase got his wisdom teeth removed in the episode "Don't Kale Yourself" and needed to be given a ride home by Todd because he was too loopy on the drugs they administered for the procedure. 

In his drug-induced haze, Chase asks his dad if he’ll buy him a car. Thinking quickly, Todd lies and says that he not only bought his son a red Ferrari but scolds Chase for forgetting where he parked it. Chase is zonked out enough to believe everything his dad is telling him. He begs for Todd’s forgiveness and pledges to figure out where he put the ride. 

Todd and Grayson take things a step further and convince Chase that the police are looking for him after he hit another car, totaled the Ferrari and left the scene of the crime. He’s pretty calm about the prospect of going to jail, though, now that he doesn’t have a Ferrari waiting for him after he recovers.

Fortunately, when the drugs wear off, Chase only has to deal with a lot of embarrassment, which is much better than a mountain of legal troubles. 


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