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April Fools! The Top 5 'Chrisley Knows Best' Pranks Of All Time

The Chrisley family has played some impressive pranks on one another throughout the years on "Chrisley Knows Best." 

By Tyler McCarthy
Todd sitting in a chair, laughing

The “Chrisley Knows Best” family loves a good prank — and they’ve played some doozies on one another over the years. Whether it’s making someone feel freaked out, rightfully guilty, or just plain crazy, the Chrisleys have gone above and beyond throughout the series' nine seasons to pull off some quality pranks on their own. 

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This April Fool’s Day, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to pull off the best prank on your loved one, look no further than the antics of Todd, Julie, Savannah, Chase, Grayson, Chloe, and Nanny Faye. While there have been dozens of good, lighthearted tricks played over the years, below are just five of the most memorable ones that had (most of) the family laughing:

The Fake Rat

In the episode titled “Rugrats,” Todd is surprised to learn his “country snake killing” mother is afraid to live in her house after she spots a mouse running loose inside. Not willing to take on this challenge himself, he has Grayson spend the night at her place to catch the creature so Faye feels at ease in her home once again. 

Fortunately, Grayson is triumphant and they return to Todd's place to share the good news. However, Todd can’t help but make fun of his mom’s phobia just once more before closing the book on the mouse incident. After getting her to declare that she’s “safe” in her home, Todd playfully tosses her a fake mouse that elicits a very real scream from Faye, who almost trips over a chair while trying to dodge the toy.

"Todd, I hate you," Faye says playfully. "I really do."

Nanny Gets Inked

Everyone knows that Todd hates tattoos and will pitch a fit if anyone in his family gets one. 

So, his mother concocted a clever scheme to rile him up in the episode “Tattoo You.” Chase takes his grandmother out to get a professionally done fake tattoo that will last long enough and look real enough to convince Todd it’s legit. To further add to her son’s panic, Faye makes sure to pick out something eye-grabbing and ostentatious. 

She’s not in the door more than five seconds before Todd spots the “ink” and tells his own mother he finds it “so trashy.” 

Although it ended up just being a prank, Todd said he was so mad that he could “eat fried sh**.”

Chase Gets Catfished

Chase often fancies himself a ladies man. To teach him a lesson about juggling women, Todd and Savannah decide to play a little trick on him. 

In the episode "My Chrisley Valentine," Savannah creates a fake profile for a girl named Leah and then hands the phone over to Todd so he can start tricking his son into falling for her. For days he manipulates Chase into sending flirty text messages to what he thinks is the woman of his dreams, but is actually the stuff of his nightmares. They ultimately get Chase to ask Leah out on Valentine’s Day. That's when Todd and Savannah launch into their big reveal. 

Chase arrives at a restaurant with gifts in hand looking for his hot date. Instead, he finds his sister in a wig. Just when he thinks it can’t get worse, his father comes out from around the corner dressed as a waiter and explains that he’s been texting him the whole time.

Todd Has Faye 'Arrested'

When Todd learns that his mother is driving her car with an expired license (due to failure to appear in traffic court), he seizes the opportunity to have some fun with her. 

While driving around town, he convinces her she ran a stop sign. Sure enough, they get pulled over and the officer informs her there is a warrant out for her arrest. What Faye doesn’t know is the officer is a friend of Todd’s.

Faye is handcuffed and declares that this is “the most terriblest thing that’s ever happened” in her life. Meanwhile, Todd is in the car stifling giggles. Eventually, Todd reveals it’s all a big prank and he and the officer have a big laugh. Faye, meanwhile, isn’t amused. 

“I’ll kill you,” she says sternly before joining the duo in a laugh.

Faye Gets Revenge

In an episode fittingly titled “Prank Master,” Faye gets swift revenge on her son for his fake arrest prank. 

She calls Todd and mentions she lost a hefty sum of money at the casino the previous night. With the seed planted, Julie helps Faye spring one of the best pranks in the family’s history.

As they all sit around at Todd and Julie's house talking, a burly-looking man rings the doorbell and demands to talk to Faye. Todd overhears the conversation in which the man demands $30,000 in debts that she owes and threatens to take one of the cars in the driveway if he doesn’t get it. Not one to let anyone threaten his mother on his property, Todd steps in and the duo almost come to blows. 

Fortunately, Faye reveals it’s all a prank and that the man is an actor before any violence occurs. The entire family laughs, but it ultimately leads to a nice moment wherein the family commends Todd for helping his mom in a tough situation. 

“I’ll always have your back, darling,” Todd says. “I might have got my a** whipped in the process, but he’d have known I’d been there.”

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