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The Best, Most Chaotic Nanny Faye and Frances Moments From 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Nanny Faye's sister Frances was always her best friend and partner in crime on "Chrisley Knows Best." 

By Tyler McCarthy

For someone who gets up to as many wild antics as Nanny Faye on “Chrisley Knows Best,” it helps to have a partner in crime. For her, that was always her devoted sister, Frances Chrisley. 

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So it was all the more tragic when Chrisley patriarch Todd Chrisley announced on March 17 that his beloved aunt had passed away. 

“It’s with great sadness that I share the news that we lost my aunt Frances today but with joy to announce that she is with our Heavenly Father,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “She was one of the most amazing women ever and my mother’s best friend, please keep us all in your prayers.”

In honor of Frances and the special relationship she shared with her sister and the rest of the Chrisley family, below are just a few of her most hilarious moments alongside Nanny Faye on “Chrisley Knows Best.” Whether it was somebody to drink, gamble, or pal around the senior community with, Frances was always willing to follow her sister into uncharted territory with a smile on her face.

Security Patrol

After some neighborhood kids annoy Faye in the episode “America’s Next Todd Model,” she and her sister decide to take the law into their own hands. They get themselves some security uniforms and start using their brand new golf cart as a patrol vehicle. Determined to catch local ne’er-do-wells, they start writing unofficial citations to people for parking poorly, speeding in the residential area, and generally doing anything they don't like.

While taking a look around one afternoon, Faye and Frances spot a group of teens loitering in the park. They mozy over and, with Faye alleging she smells smoke, She and Frances get to work patting down the youths for cigarettes.

Fortunately, Todd drives by and sees what they’re up to. He pulls over and sends the kids on their way before scolding his mom and aunt for posing as law enforcement. 

“Retire this look that you bought,” he says. 

Todd adds: “Get on that golf cart, you’re not no damn sheriff!”

Using Protection

In the episode “Hit the Road, Todd,” when Faye and Frances get all excited about meeting men on their upcoming senior cruise, all Todd can see are the potential dangers.

He’s thrown into even more of a tailspin when he learns they’ve been taking a sexy dance class to “tone up” for the cruise. 

“Frances sounded like she was trying to turn up,” the skeptical patriarch says.

To ensure his mother and aunt stay safe, he comes over with some protection and advice. 

“I’m going to give you all some good information that you all need to hold onto,” he says. “Do you have any idea how rampant STDs are in the senior community?”

He goes on to explain to them that there is even new lingo in the single world such as “DTF,” which he translates to “down to fornicate" (way to clean it up, Todd). He then busts out some bananas and a pair of condoms (as he's done before) to see if they know how to use them to avoid getting STDs on the trip. As Faye begins to protest, her sister gets right to work, fitting the condom on the piece of fruit with such ease that it makes her nephew bust out laughing. 

Boozy Wine Tasting

Frances and Faye were always down for a good time together, which for them often meant a little bit of booze. 

While out with Todd and Julie in an episode appropriately titled “Twisted Sisters,” the duo gets a wine-tasting flight and polishes it off together. They enjoyed the wines so much that they ordered a second round, much to the chagrin of Todd, who is concerned they’ll be too liquored up to get home. 

“Aren’t you the designated driver?” Faye asks.

“Yes honey, I’m the designated driver, but that doesn’t mean the designated driver wants to drive drunks,” he says. 

He gets even more flustered when Frances whips out some plastic bags and says she’s going to take some of the cheese and crackers home with her for later. 

“I can’t believe that I’m on Nanny’s Spring Break,” he says.

“Quit killing my good time,” an annoyed Faye responds.

“I’m not killing your good time, she’s taking it in a bag home with her!” 

Eventually, Todd has had enough and leaves, but Faye and Frances keep the party going by ordering yet another round. 

Burlesque Dancing

In preparation for their senior cruise, Faye and Frances take a dance class to get fit for swimsuit season. 

They invite Julie and Savannah to come and sit in on a class, where they quickly learn their elderly relatives signed up for a saucy burlesque dancing class. They can only sit there giggling as they watch them try to shake their hips, drop low to the ground for a sexy pose, and flash their brasseries to anyone watching. 

When Savannah and Julie approach them after the class, they find that Faye and Frances know exactly what kind of class they signed up for and love it. 

“We need to get our sexiness back,” Frances says. 

Golden Girls Gone Wild

In the episode “The Nightmare Before Chrisley,” Frances and Faye get into the holiday spirit with some holiday spirits when decide to spend Christmas at Todd and Julie’s place. 

The duo barges in with all kinds of baggage for the season, including a coffee maker and several suitcases full of clothes. 

“That looks like you’re boarding the Titanic,” Todd says

They further make themselves at home when they start prepping a little eggnog. Skipping all the other parts of the drink except the alcohol, they dive right in, pulling flasks out of their bags and toasting to yet another merry Christmas.

Although his mother and aunt couldn’t be more relaxed, Todd isn’t sold on them staying with him for the holiday. 

“All I wanted for Christmas was some peace and quiet this year,” he says. “Instead I’ve got 'Golden Girls' gone wild.” 

Double Date

Faye and Frances decide to get back into the dating game in the episode “Skates and Senior Dates,” but they’re a little out of practice. 

So, they enlist Chase’s help to pick out what they'll wear and how to act when they go out on a double date with some men they met. However, when Todd gets wind of their plans, he won’t agree to let his mother and aunt go out with strange men without his supervision. He and Chase get seated at the restaurant nearby and listen in on the date. 

Eventually, Faye comes over and asks them to skedaddle.

“I don’t need no babysitter, I don’t need no stalkers,” she says. 

Chase protests, noting that he is their ride home. 

“I’m gonna ride him home!” she says. 

Bracelet Flask

If you haven’t realized by now, Faye and Frances enjoy a good drink. 

In the episode “Hearts and Crafts,” Chase and his friend Ronndell agree to accompany them to an event for single seniors on Valentine’s Day. Dressed in their most dapper purple suits, the two boys accompany the seniors to a punch bowl where they lament the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any alcohol served at the dance. 

Fortunately, Faye and Frances are prepared for that. Faye takes her oversized bracelet off and twists the crystal on top, revealing it’s actually a hollowed-out flask in which she smuggled in some booze. 

She blows into the breathalyzer that Todd sent her to the dance with before indulging, throwing off the readings. With that, they toast to their expertly executed caper and enjoy their night at the dance with Todd none the wiser. 

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