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The 10 Must-Watch 'Chrisley Knows Best' Episodes, From Todd's Sex-Ed Rules to Faye's Apocalypse

For every lesson Todd and Julie Chrisley teach their kids, there's a chance for even more hijinks.

By Caitlin Busch
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After nine seasons of USA Network’s “Chrisley Knows Best,” the eponymous family has given us years of hijinks, hilarity, and emotional moments to keep us entertained and coming back for more. However, nine seasons also means there are a lot of episodes to watch — a lot of the family laughing with (and at) patriarch Todd, a lot of Nanny Faye being the wildest granny out there, and a whole lot of familial love. 

How to Watch

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In case you’re a Chrisley fan in need of a refresher or a newbie wanting to dive into the show, we here at USA Insider have got you covered. We’ve combed through almost 180 episodes to give you a guide to the funniest, most impactful, and most significant “Chrisley Knows Best” episodes of all time. 

Todd and Julie sitting at a table

1. “Patriarch of Perfection” – Season 1, Episode 1 

Diligence is the name of the game in the Chrisley household, so starting from the beginning is the right move. In the series’ first episode, which aired all the way back in 2014, you’ll meet the Chrisley family and understand from the get-go what Todd, Julie, and their kids are all about. 

Todd will be the first to admit he’s a perfectionist with high expectations for his children, so when Chase sneaks out to a high school football game against his parents’ express wishes, his punishment fits the crime. This episode will also provide some much-needed insight into the Chrisley family’s larger aspirations and goals beyond the world of real estate. 

A portrait of the chrisley family sitting poolside

2. “California Chrisleys” – Season 2, Episode 7 

Anyone who spends enough time with the Chrisley clan will learn about their collective love for California. In “California Chrisleys,” you’ll see some of the family’s favorite Golden State activities, including chic new haircuts and luxury car rentals.  

There are plenty of funny moments in this episode, but the real heart comes with Todd realizing it won’t be long before more of his kids leave the nest. It’s these relatable family moments that keep us coming back again and again. 

The entire Chrisley family looking off camera and smiling

3. “Still Chrisley After All These Years” – Season 2, Episode 12 

To celebrate 20 years of marriage as well as Julie having been cancer-free for two years, the Chrisley patriarch and matriarch throw a party. Simple, right?  

Of course not! This is the Chrisleys, after all. In a comedy of errors for the Chrisley history books, everything from the food to the date on the invitations gets screwed up along the way. However, they still manage to commemorate love, life, and family, proving once again that together, they can accomplish anything. 

Chase dressed in a suit, reaching over to point something out to Todd, who is sitting on a couch

4. “College Bootcamp” – Season 3, Episode 8 

Chase and Savannah have learned some hard lessons over the years, but “College Bootcamp” might be Todd’s finest work. Basic life skills, self-defense, and condom-on-a-banana-level sex education has the twosome reeling in embarrassment. However, Todd comes away confident that he’s done his fatherly duty. 

Additionally, this episode includes a great moment of brotherly bonding between Chase and Grayson when the elder passes on some much-needed wisdom. As Grayson gets older, his relationship with his brother will only grow more important. 

Todd Chrisley dressed in all black

5. “Todd’s Not Dead” – Season 4, Episode 15

Only Todd Chrisley would plan his own funeral.  

In a perfectly in-character moment in Season 4, Todd decides he’s the only one he can trust with his post-mortem preparations. Naturally, his family thinks he’s crazy — but it results in some truly hilarious Todd moments, so we’re all for it. He even goes so far as to host a rehearsal funeral so he can perfect the program and refine what his children will say about him upon his death. 

Nanny Faye looking at Todd with a comical worried expression on her face

6. “Granny’s Gone Wild” – Season 5, Episode 20 

There are plenty of great Nanny Faye moments through the seasons, but this episode in which Faye joins up with a biker gang might take the cake.  

(Granted, it’s a biker gang for senior citizens, so no need to be too concerned.)  

At the top of the episode, Nanny Faye’s family grows concerned for her mental health as she shows signs of aging. Todd and the kids interfere in such a way that makes Nanny Faye feel coddled, and she reveals how homesick she is for Atlanta. To make her feel younger and more at home, the family helps her meet the bikers, and Nanny takes a sidecar joyride for the ages. 

A portrait of the chrisley family

7. “Celebrating a Chrisley Century” – Season 6, Episode 8 

This choice might count as cheating, but we’d like to think of it more as a clever workaround. To celebrate 100 episodes of “Chrisley Knows Best,” the family sits down to reminisce about their finest — and maybe not-so-fine — moments throughout the years. Pranks and lessons learned abound in this lookback on all things Chrisley.  

The main lesson? At the end of the day, no matter how much they love to rib each other, the Chrisleys will always band together and support their own. 

Todd and Chloe roller skating on a rink

8. “Rugrats” Season 7, Episode 2 

Todd and Julie’s precocious granddaughter, Chloe, is a beloved member of the Chrisley family, but when Todd agrees to let her have a birthday slumber party — something Savannah was never allowed to do — things get a bit chaotic. Before Todd knows it, he’s up to his eyeballs in screaming, rambunctious children, and the only thing that chills him out is a calming facial from Savannah.

Additionally, Faye and Francis team up to catch a mouse in Faye’s house. When Francis releases a bunch of cats to take down the tiny interloper, it goes just about as well as expected … 

Grayson sitting on the couch playing video games

9. “Are You There Todd? It’s Me Grayson” – Season 7, Episode 16 

The apocalypse is nigh! At least, that’s what Nanny Faye decides in this episode due to some particularly nasty weather. After getting a look at the fully stocked bunker Todd’s friend Jay DeMarcus has in his basement, Nanny Faye recruits Chase to help her build one. Chase grows concerned and tells his parents, but it results in a rare moment from Todd: He decides to let Nanny Faye be Nanny Faye. What harm can it really do to let her feel safe? 

Plus, Todd’s got other concerns. Grayson’s getting older, and Todd spends his time teaching his youngest son how to transition into a mature, responsible adult. 

The Chrisley Family in a gym, looking at each other with badminton rackets in their hands

10. “Badminton to the Bone” – Season 8, Episode 2 

Speaking of Grayson getting older, it was only a matter of time before he took after his older brother Chase. Since the first episode, Chase has been getting into all kinds of trouble, but rather than be OK with his little brother taking after him, he warns Grayson away from sneaking out against their parents’ wishes.  

Grayson ignores him, and even though Chase does his best to cover for his baby bro, the younger Chrisley ends up in the hot seat. Not only is Grayson starting to push boundaries, but Chase is proving to be a positive role model — and Todd and Julie love them both. 

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