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Where Are the Temptation Island Season 5 Contestants Now?

Life on Temptation Island Season 5 was a rocky road for some, but where are the cast members now?

By Shameika Rhymes
Temptation Island's Chris and Marisela

Temptation Island Season 5 was one for the history books. From broken engagements to busted relationships, pregnancy revelations, and soulmate declarations, it’s been a roller coaster from beginning to end.

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But now that the dust has settled, where are the Temptation Island Season 5 contestants? Here’s a look at what they have been up to since they left the island. 

Vanessa and Roberto

Temptation Island Season 5 Vanessa Roberto

Vanessa and Roberto came to the show with a 10-year age gap and relationship challenges. Vanessa is a divorcee who is ready to walk down the aisle again.

“I’m hoping I can do that within the next six months to a year,” she said in their intro video.

Roberto felt the pressure, but Vanessa thought he had reservations about their future. Turns out that wasn’t unfounded. While the two left the island together, it was short-lived because, at the reunion, Roberto admitted he and Desiree did get intimate. Vanessa’s Instagram page shows she is still angry at Roberto, by congratulating him for being one of the biggest liars of the year. It does appear, she is living her best life traveling, modeling, doing appearances, giving relationship advice, and hosting her podcast. 

Roberto’s social media tells a different story. His latest post says he is happily in love, but doesn’t say with whom. It looks like he’s been busy traveling and taking time out for himself. 

Kaitlin and Hall & Makayla

Hall Toledano and Kaitlin Tufts

Kaitlin and Hall made Temptation Island history as the first-ever engaged couple to join the show. They had been together for 8 years and, in a shocking twist, Hall ended the engagement to follow his heart all the way to single Makayla. These days, Kaitlin is still thriving with her women’s gym in Charleston, South Carolina and partnering with other fitness programs to empower women. It doesn’t appear that she is dating anyone. 

Hall and Makayla are still going strong and have been traveling and spending time together in North Carolina while being open about their love on social media

Paris and Great & Nafeesah

Temptation Island Season 5 Great and Paris

These two came to the island to work through trust issues and to get on the same page about marriage and family. In the end, the two left the island with other people, but at the reunion, Great wanted to give their relationship another shot. Paris wasn’t having it. 

Since the show, Paris has been tapping into her modeling side. She is working with Fashion Nova. While she looks amazing on the outside, she has been struggling on the inside. Paris also has a YouTube channel where she has been getting vulnerable with viewers. In her latest video, she was crying about not being able to trust people on the show and after.

“You tell people your traumas and they go and give you another trauma,” she said while crying. “I wish I had listened to my intuition on the show. I tried to help Tahjjic, and he asked me to leave the show with him.”

She suggested she is going through PTSD and having “heart attacks.” She told viewers that it’s OK to be selfish and take care of yourself. It looks like she is single and still working on healing. Great is also modeling and working out. He shaved off his beard for a new look. It looks like he is single and, knowing him, probably mingling. 

Great ended up leaving the island with Nafeesah, but by the time of the reunion, they were done with their relationship. Since the show, Nafeesah is still working as a South Florida realtor and helping people find their dream homes. She has been staying busy with appearances on shows like Wild’N Out and working with ESPN. She most recently created a fitness and meal plan for women that want to get in shape.

Christopher and Marisela & Alexius

Temptation Island's Chris and Marisela

Christopher and Marisela called it quits at the final bonfire, and he moved on with. They had a relationship that ended with Alexius revealing at the reunion that she had gotten pregnant and Chris ended up in the hot seat after his scathing response. According to her, his behavior after learning about the pregnancy led to the end of their relationship. She shared on a YouTube video that she did have a procedure to end the pregnancy. Alexius is continuing to model and share her everyday life on her YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Marisela seems to be taking working on herself to the next level since she hasn’t posted on social media since the video message episode of Temptation Island. Chris has been unbothered and busy with his fitness training company and traveling. 

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