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Temptation Island's Alexius Offers More Details on Pregnancy, Christopher Split

Alexius Adams shared more details after her shocking revelation on the Temptation Island Season 5 Reunion about Christopher Wells.

By Tyler McCarthy
A split image of Temptation Island's Chris and Alexius

In a night filled to the brim with shocking post-show revelations, Temptation Island Season 5 cast member Alexius Adams had perhaps the most emotional and heavy reveal of the Reunion regarding what happened with her partner after leaving the island. 

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Trigger Warning: This story contains discussion of abortion

For those who need a refresher, Alexius hit it off with Christopher Wells on the island and left the show with him after he and his longtime partner, Marisela Figueroa, called it quits at the final bonfire. Months later at the reunion, Alexius revealed that their relationship had ended in a way that put Chris in one of the hottest hot seats in Temptation Island history. In a moment of emotional bravery, Alexius explained that she spent time with Chris and his family after the show but learned she was pregnant soon after. According to her, his behavior after learning that fact led to the end of their relationship. She also stated that she is no longer pregnant.

Viewers got a taste of the behavior in question when Chris publicly questioned whether or not the baby that was conceived during their time on the show was actually his. Fans can tune into the Reunion on Peacock and USA Network to see how Alexius handled herself in the face of that question. However, after the finale aired, she took to her YouTube channel to answer some lingering questions about her pregnancy. 

Did Alexius Adams from Temptation Island have an abortion? 

Although she never stated it directly during the Temptation Island reunion, Alexius implied that it was her decision to terminate her pregnancy. She confirmed it in her YouTube video where she also went into detail about the decision and process.

Alexius wore a shirt that read “My Uterus My F---ing Choice” and sat down for a more than nine-minute video in which she discussed telling her family what happened and got emotional recalling the fact that her mother did not seem to support her decision. Undeterred, she relied on her friends and family members who were supportive of her but noted that her home state of Texas put up more roadblocks for her to receive proper medical care. 

“If you live in Texas, it’s literally against the law to have an abortion,” she said. “I had to look at my sources and if you do any research you know you’re on a time limit. Different states have different laws.” 

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She said that after some difficult research, she flew out to Los Angeles to have the procedure done. 

“Going out to LA, In the back of my mind I did have, ‘At any second you can change your mind, that’s OK, that’s fine.’ I had the family back home to support that if that’s what I wanted to do,” she said. 

Temptation Island's Christopher Wells

As part of the procedure at the facility, Alexius said the doctors took sonograms and other readings to get an accurate picture of how far along her pregnancy was. She was given the option to look at the sonogram and other data that was collected but she declined. However, the doctor noted there was information that she thought Alexius should know. 

Alexius said she declined to view the sonogram or anything like that for a reason she explained in a very powerful and emotional moment for her. 

“I didn’t want to hear the heartbeat and I didn’t want to see the pictures because I love kids,” she said. “All I ever wanted in life is a family… Sorry, I’m just feeling like… the fact that I’m saying ‘All I ever wanted was a family’ and then I went… I went to go do something like this is like contradicting myself.”

She added: ”It’s just what was best for the time.” 

Despite her objection, she agreed to hear some information after the doctor allegedly explained to her there was something she thought she needed to know. That’s when Alexius, who was eight weeks pregnant at the time, was told her baby stopped growing at five weeks. The doctor said she was likely to miscarry any day. 

“The doctor said it’s actually a good thing that you came here because now you can get the correct medical treatment. Instead, if you were in Texas and you had a miscarriage or you did something and you needed to go to the ER, they can’t give you the correct treatment because it’s against the law now and you would just have to naturally miscarry on your own,” she explained. “Here, at least if you take this abortion pill it’ll clean out everything in your uterus and we can make sure we scan everything and make sure everything is good and you don’t have any infections.”

Grateful to have learned that information, Alexius still described herself as “heartbroken” over the situation. 

“I do think everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I think God was looking out for me. I don’t have guilt for having an abortion, but I do feel heartbroken. That’s the emotion I feel. At one point I had this vision and I had this idea of a fake scenario that I just f---ing created in my head because I’m delusional about having a family.”

What did Alexius Adams say about Christopher Wells and her pregnancy?

It’s no secret to anyone who watched the Temptation Island Season 5 Reunion how Alexius feels about her former partner. However, she chose not to highlight him any further in the video by only calling him her “partner.” That said, she did explain that she looked at the relationship she was in and made decisions about her future based on how wrong it was for her. 

“When you have a kid with someone, that’s a lifetime commitment,” she said. “We all know this was an unplanned pregnancy. Everything was happening so fast. Me or my partner were not emotionally, mentally, or financially prepared for this.”

At the time, she was about to move across the country with a man she knew cheated on her after discovering he was still contacting his ex, Marisela, in an inappropriate manner. 

“The fact that I had a partner that wasn’t my ideal partner, he was still open to raising a family with me together and that’s what was most important to me,” she explained. “However, I’m not going to be disrespected while I’m pregnant and it just didn’t work out for me. We just weren’t good partners. I think God was looking out for me.”

She later added: “My partner cheated on me and I actually blocked him and went and had this [done]. I do feel bad that I didn’t really communicate with my partner that I was going to have an abortion but, what do you expect when you cheat on someone that’s pregnant?” 

Was Christopher Wells the father of Alexius Adams’ baby? 

Alexius pretty much said that not only was Chris the father of her baby, but that they conceived it during one of their nights together on Temptation Island. In her video she did not mention him by name. However, she is not shy about declaring outright that he is the father and when the baby was conceived. In a TikTok video she posted hours after the reunion, she says it multiple times. 

In her YouTube video, Alexius noted she was "humbled" by the experience and is now an advocate for safe sex and the use of protection with any new partners. 

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