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Who Are the Final Singles on Temptation Island Season 5?

It's down to the wire on Temptation Island. Here's a look at the final singles on this season.

By Shameika Rhymes
Six Temptation Island Singles congregated on a couch

Temptation Island isn’t complete without some sexy singles to tempt the couples who are already on rocky roads. Season 5 brought eight single women and seven single men to the island to party with the four couples as they tried to figure out where their relationships are headed.

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This season has been full of spice and sass as singles were able to send video messages for the first time. Singles also went on dates with the separated couples to help them with their decision on continuing their relationships or finding new love on the island. Now, we’re winding down to the final dates. So who are the final singles of the season that could be a step closer to either finding love for themselves — or staying single?

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Here’s a look at the final singles of the season. 


Ti Season 5 Single Nafeesah

It's no secret that the attraction between Nafeesah and Great has been too hot to handle. They hit it off despite his flirting with other women in the villa. One of the most infamous fights this season featured Nafeesah after she casually asked Tamie if she brushed her teeth, and the rivalry exploded. Great sat there in the middle of the drama with a towel over his head as if they couldn’t see him.

While Nafeesah didn’t come to the island to make friends it still remains to be seen if she will fully capture Great’s heart and make it through the final bonfire. 


Ti Season 5 Single Makayla

Makayla was the single we didn’t see coming to take Hall away from his engagement to Kaitlin. Hall was infatuated with Makayla from the moment he saw her and they hit it off after realizing their desires for family were aligned. Makayla tapped into her petty side by sending Kaitlin a video message thanking her for bringing her soulmate Hall to the island. Ouch! Hall broke off his engagement to pursue things with Makayla, so we’ll see if their love will prevail through the end. 


Ti Season 5 Single Desiree

Desiree and Roberto have an undeniable connection but his year-long relationship with Vanessa is still looming in the background. Desiree and Roberto took their connection from emotional to physical despite him still being in a relationship with Vanessa. “I still have a relationship, which is crazy,” Roberto admitted. “But, every day, I just feel so much more solid with Des.”

It looks like things could be heating up for the final bonfire. 


Ti Season 5 Single Alexius

Alexius has been getting close to Christopher. She even went so far as to send a video message to Marisela to tell her she had been spending a lot of time with Christopher and learning about their relationship. To add insult to injury, she accused Marisela of breaking him by bringing him to the island, and then being grateful that he was there so she could help him heal. We’ll see if she has the healing power to get Christopher to choose to leave with her at the end. 


Temptation Island Season 5's Sebastian

Sebastian found himself in a bit of a love triangle this season. He captured Kaitlin’s attention despite her engagement to Hall, and her attraction to Michael. Once she was officially back on the market after Hall broke up with her for the second time, and she friend zoned Mike, she chose to get to know Sebastian a little better.

In an interview with USA Insider, Sebastian revealed that his initial attraction to Kaitlin was because she reminded him of his ex, and then it was her personality that hooked him and how respectful she was by not entertaining most guys because she was being faithful to Hall. Has Sebastian won the final battle for Kaitlin’s heart? We’ll have to wait and see. 


Ti Season 5 Single Tahjjic

Paris has been through a lot with boyfriend Great, but discovered her attraction to Tahjjic was just too "great" to ignore. In the final date, Tahjjic paints a sort of vision board of how he wants their future to go with a home on the water in Miami. The two have had a sort-of cat-and-mouse vibe throughout the season and have even made out heavily, but will he be able to win her affections for good at the final bonfire? 


Ti Season 5 Single Brice

Vanessa chose Brice for the first date and the sparks were immediate. The two continued to get to know each other and Brice even fired off a warning shot to Roberto in a video message by letting Roberto know that if he doesn’t step up, then he will be leaving with Vanessa. Now it’s getting spicy! But Vanessa is still struggling with her mixed emotions about her relationship with Roberto despite loving how supportive Brice has been. Will being a supportive man win out over history? 


Ti Season 5 Single Christian

The attraction between Marisela and Christian is undeniable. Once she welcomed the idea of being free from Christopher — who outed her at the beginning of the season — she has embraced the idea of vibing with Christian. Their attraction to each other may not be enough for Marisela to give up her newly found freedom — but maybe it could allow her to try something new that’s fun and sweet. 

So, who will get chosen to leave the island with a new relationship and who will be left standing solo? 

Temptation Island continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA Network and is available next day on Peacock.

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