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Meet Christopher and Marisela From Temptation Island Season 5

Christopher and Marisela may be the most confident couple going into Temptation Island Season 5.

By Tyler McCarthy

No season of Temptation Island would be complete without a couple who goes into the experience absolutely sure that no amount of temptation could tear them apart. In Season 5, that couple is Marisela Figueroa and Christopher Wells. 

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The duo joins the other previously announced couples who are risking it all for some clarity about their future together on Temptation Island in Season 5, but unlike the others, they’re certain this experience will only solidify the bond they already share. It makes sense that they’re so confident since they’ve been the person of each other’s dreams so far. 

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“We’ve been together for two years,” Marisela, 24, says in a video showcasing the couple ahead of the premiere. “When I met him, no I was not ready to be in a relationship. But I just wanted to keep being around him.” 

Christopher, 30, shared a similar feeling, saying: “I felt something in my spirit and I wake up every day next to her and I’m just super grateful that the law of attraction Marisela to me. When I was 15 years old, I told myself I wanted a Latina and when I met Marisela, I knew instantly this was the woman of my dreams.” 

Despite believing they’re each other’s soulmates, they find themselves at a standstill in their relationship. Christopher, a fitness instructor, is the more pragmatic type who is ready to take things to the next level with Marisela. However, the hospital interpreter is dragging her feet thanks in large part to fears she has that his past history with infidelity will show up post-marriage. Christopher even describes his approach to relationships in the past as him being a “respectable whore” (whatever that means).

“Forever is a long time to think about,” Marisela says in the video. “I’m here because I’ve jumped from relationship to relationship to relationship. I’ve never had that time to be single.”

Christopher notes that he respects her decision to explore a little. His only fear going into Temptation Island is that she’ll succumb to the temptation of someone physically and throw away the bond they have together. Meanwhile, she’s afraid her former “respectable whore” partner will do the same. 

“My biggest fear is that Christopher goes away because I want Christopher, I do,” she concludes. 

Will they still be so confident in their bond after spending time apart and getting a look at what the single life could be like for each of them? More to the point, will they meet someone who ticks more boxes in their lives than the person they’re currently with? 

Tune in to Temptation Island Season 5 on June 14 to find out. Catch up on past episodes on Peacock now. 

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