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'Daddy's Home!': Former 'Temptation Island' Contestants Arrive To Shake Up The Season

Two familiar faces arrive to flip "Temptation Island" Season 4 upside down.

By Becca van Sambeck
Deac Talking To The Girls In The Pool

Last week, the bonfire in Episode 5 of "Temptation Island" Season 4 showed some heartbreaking clips to the couples: steamy moments went down with singles and tearful confessions were made. It may have been the most emotional bonfire of the season so far, and that's really saying something!

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So naturally, the mood in the men's villa is subdued after they arrive back from the bonfire in Episode 6. Edgar De Santiago, Hania Stocker, Lascelles Lagares, and Luke Wechselberger are all reeling from what they saw — Edgar and Hania are particularly emotionally destroyed. Both sob as they are comforted by some of the singles.

Hania tells Karyna he wants to get back with Ash and no longer wants an open relationship. Thoughtfully, she points out that Ash doesn't know that yet, which is why they are still hooking up with another man. Karyna also asks the right question: What about all the times you did that to her?

There are less tears shed in the women's villa, where Iris Jardiel, Ash Lamiroult, Ashley Rodriguez, and Gillian Lieberman are reliving their own bonfires. Iris is thoughtfully pondering what it means that she saw Luke cry in a clip; after all, emotional vulnerability is what she wanted from him. Gillian was deeply hurt to see Edgar tell her to leave him alone in a confessional, but she wants to keep her focus on Tommy.

The next day is an opportunity for dates, which include creating art, feeding animals, and other wholesome activities. While there are thoughtful conversations to be had on these dates, the most surprising moment comes when Lascelles tells Trace what he's thinking about doing once they leave the island.

"I would leave single with Ash ... I'm ready to let Ashley be single as well as me," he says.

Trace is rightfully confused! What does any of that mean?

Lascelles knows he upset her, and he even tries to make her apology spaghetti later, but Trace isn't having it. She turns down the hug he offers and tells him she wants to be left alone.

Over at the women's villa, there is yet another night of partying. But this party isn't like the other parties. Instead, there is a very special surprise: A shirtless man wearing only a bowtie and carrying a bottle of champagne descends into the yard. It's ...

Deac Conti! One of the singles from Season 2 who was turned down after getting into a love triangle of sorts with Ashley Howland and Ben Knoblach.

One person definitely recognizes Deac: Iris, who runs screaming toward him, gushing about how she's a fan. She loves following him on Instagram, she reveals. Uh oh, Luke ... as Deac puts it, "Guess who's back to get between you and your girl?"

Deac admits he's returned to the island because his love life has been "nonexistent" since his first visit. He notes he can tell which of the singles the women have made a connection with — but "change of plans. Daddy's here."

Unsurprisingly, the men do not love that the women are immediately fawning over Deac. Eventually, Taylor yells at him, claiming he and the other guys are "a family" and the way Deac came in hot was disrespectful to the other men. Deac seems entirely unfazed that he's flustered the guys so deeply.

And of course, there is a surprise visitor to the women's villa as well. Samantha Hoffman, who was also on Season 2 and was embroiled in a controversial "threesome" scene shows up to a toga party, declaring "a real goddess is here now!"

While none of the men fangirl like Iris did over Deac, they're certainly intrigued by this new visitor, and recognize her as "the shower girl" from Season 2. She admits she's returned because she wants to find love ... and she can tell none of the girls are happy she's here now.

Of course, one of the men has barely noticed a new woman just showed up; instead, Lascelles, as usual, is concerned about Trace. He tells Hania what he told Trace about leaving single with Ashley, to which Hania rightfully responds, "What the f*** do you mean?"

For the first time on the show, Hania is talking sense, telling Lascelles that Trace has been communicating clearly with him. He needs to do the same with her.

So, that's what he does. "I only want you. Ashley is in the past, forget about her. I need you in my life as a girlfriend, a future wife. I promise you I will do everything in my power to make that a reality," he says. 

Trace is thrilled, but ouch ... poor Ashley! That's a harsh thing to say when you actually already have a girlfriend.

It's time for bonfires again. Iris sees Luke talking about how he and Iris are too co-dependent and she needs to let her light shine — and also forget about their past. Iris can agree ... to an extent. They have different definitions of the past, she says. He broke her trust five months ago. To her, that's not so far in the past (understandably!).

Gillian watches Edgar grind on a woman, which she claims she doesn't mind: "I'm glad to see he's having a good time. In past clips he was in pain but I'm glad to see he's smiling."

Ash sees Hania confess he got a text message from someone he had sex with while quarantining with Ash to do the show. Ash isn't surprised — they saw that exact text message, admitting they used to make excuses for Hania to avoid confronting his bad behavior.

But Ashley gets it the worst of the night. She watches as Lascelles makes his grand declaration of love to Trace. How will she react? We have to wait until next week to see.

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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