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Iris Reveals The Big Birthday Mistake Luke Made For Years On The ‘Temptation Island After Show'

Iris Jardiel revealed that Luke Wechselberger kept making the same mistake on her birthday before they arrived at the island.

By Tyler McCarthy

Iris Jardiel came to the show hoping her boyfriend, Luke Wechselberger, could grow into a supportive partner who gives her the respect and attention she feels she deserves. Luke has taken some strides while on the island so far, but a bombshell Iris drops in the fourth “Temptation Island After Show” reveals just how bad of a place he's starting from.

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The revelation came as the men and women watched the latest episode together — specifically, the moment when Iris confessed she was feeling guilty for having such a deep connection with George Maxey. At the bonfire, Luke hears his girlfriend of four years call a new man “husband material.” 

“That one scared me, man,” Luke says on the “After Show.”

He adds, “I was stunned, shocked, just taken aback. It was just, you know, a little bit of nervousness and that reality check. Another gut check.” 

Iris, meanwhile, explains to the women that it was “refreshing” to have someone like George show her the adult attention she didn’t feel Luke was providing. 

“It was so refreshing to feel wanted and to feel appreciated and to be treated like how I always thought I deserve,” she says. “I’m 27 years old, I’m trying to plan my life out. I always saw myself getting married by 30, and I know that’s not necessarily healthy. We shouldn’t put these timelines on ourselves as women, but I know it is something in the back of my mind because I want to have kids. So I just want Luke to be able to treat me the way I want to be treated so that we can have a future together and settle down.” 

Luke admits to the guys that he previously let his “jealousy” and “insecurity” hold him back from committing fully to Iris. Meanwhile, she explains to the women how his hesitation manifested itself in a way that made her feel awful. 

“I didn’t get a birthday gift for the first two years,” she reveals. “That was pretty hard.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she says he would often reap the benefits of the celebrations she threw herself. 

“I remember having these gigantic birthday parties where he would basically get all the free s--t from it,” Iris says. “We’d go on yacht parties, rooftop pool parties, all this stuff and he’d be skipping the line, VIP, because he’s my boyfriend. I just felt like I was giving a lot and I wasn’t getting a lot back at all.” 

However, after two years, Luke got the message … because Iris flat out told him.

“The second year of my birthday, I told him I really wanted to go to dinner at this place and he took me to dinner,” she says. “I was hoping that year he was going to give me a birthday gift and he was like, ‘I thought that the dinner was the birthday gift.’” 

Back in the guys’ room, Luke admits he made mistakes in the past and never wants to make Iris feel like she can’t achieve everything she wants with him by her side. 

“I wanted Iris to build her self-confidence, her independence, and ambition,” he says. “We can both thrive together.” 

Only time, and possibly Iris' next birthday, will tell if he can put his money where his mouth is. See more from the "After Show" in the video, above.

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