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Edgar Explains Why He Isn't Dating Gillian Or Marissa After The 'Temptation Island' Reunion

Edgar De Santiago revealed where he stands with both Gillian Lieberman and Marissa Rodriguez after that explosive reunion.

By Becca van Sambeck
Edgar looking sullen at the reunion

For Edgar De Santiago, "Temptation Island" Season 4 seemingly ended in both heartbreak and another chance at love. While it was clear it was time he and Gillian Lieberman moved on from their relationship of three years, he also formed a deep emotional connection with a single on the island: Marissa Rodriguez.

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While Edgar and Gillian initially decided to leave the island alone, he ultimately chose to walk away with Marissa and attempt to make a relationship work. As we saw on the reunion, however, that relationship seemed to have stalled. In a recent interview with USA Insider, Edgar explained where he stands with Gillian and Marissa, and why it all went down the way it did.

"I was very confused throughout the entire experience, especially at the end, but I had been bonding with Marissa since day one, and after having gone through that entire experience, it felt right to leave with Marissa because we had talked about it: We were not jumping into any kind of relationship by saying that we're leaving together, but more so it was like we are going to continue this bond, this friendship that we created after this. So just because we left together didn't insinuate that we were leaving as a couple because obviously I definitely need some time to process the entire experience. Especially having gone from a three-year-long relationship with Gillian, I was in no place to jump into any other relationships so fast," Edgar said.

Marissa agrees with this stance, according to Edgar, who notes they are friends, but that his focus is on career, friends, and healing after "Temptation Island" and the dissolution of his relationship. He is also still "very good friends with Gillian" and is happy with the state they've reached. 

"I do believe the reunion brought forth some closure because having the experience on the island and briefly talking to Gillian at the final bonfire was not enough time to exactly go over everything that happened. Being at the reunion and having everybody in the room and watching several clips of the experience together opened up conversation for things that we didn't really get to talk about at the bonfire or post-island experience. So it definitely helped get some closure in that way," Edgar reflected.

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