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Suits Star Gabriel Macht's Best Roles Besides Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht's best character is of course Harvey Specter on Suits, but he had a long career before landing that role. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) appears in Seaosn 9 Episode 4 of Suits

Even though actor Gabriel Macht was one of the only original stars of Suits to stay with the series for its entire nine-season run, it’s possible fans of his character Harvey Specter still can’t get enough of the actor. 

It goes without saying that Specter is far and away the most iconic role of Macht’s career. For 134 episodes he played one of the most complicated and interesting characters on TV. While he may or may not ever return to Specter, it seems that the actor got his fill of show business following the conclusion of Suits. Other than returning for a live stream with the cast, he’s spent most of his time since the finale focusing on being a husband to his wife and father to his kids. 

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However, before landing his landmark role in Suits the actor had a storied career as both a movie and TV star in some pretty interesting parts that are sure to pique the interest of his fans who may not have been aware of all his other projects. 

The Others (2000)

Macht got his start as a child actor but took time out of the spotlight to grow up. He came back to the Hollywood fold with a vengeance and, after landing roles in a slew of one-off episodes of shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, Sex and the City, and Spin City, he landed a co-starring role in the NBC paranormal drama The Others

The premise of the show was simple, a young university student finds herself vexed by her odd, supernatural psychic powers. So, to stabilize her life, she joins a group known as The Others made up of similarly gifted people. Macht played Dr. Gabriel Mark on the show, which ran for just 13 episodes but gained a small cult following and helped him get a foot in the door as an adult star. 

Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

After The Others, Macht landed a pretty substantial role in the Owen Wilson-led film Behind Enemy Lines. Macht played Stackhouse, the co-pilot to fighter pilot Wilson’s character who agrees to go off course on a mission only for their plane to get shot down. 

Those familiar with the premise of the movie know that it’s about a lone soldier who finds himself stranded in enemy territory and forced to sneak and strategically fight his way back to safety. As you may be able to guess, that premise doesn’t bode well for his co-pilot who is shot down with him. 

Because I Said So (2007)

It didn’t take long for Hollywood to notice that Macht has a classic case of the handsomes. So, naturally, he found himself in a romantic co-lead of a movie. Because I Said So focuses on a mother and daughter who are at odds. After the youngest of her three children dumps her longtime boyfriend, the mom secretly puts out a personal ad for someone who is husband material for her daughter. Macht plays Johnny, a guitarist who responded to the ad but was rejected. Thanks to a chance meeting, he and another man unknowingly compete throughout the whole movie for the daughter’s affections all while her mom is secretly steering the ship away from Johnny. 

The Spirit (2008)

In what was perhaps the biggest get for Macht to date, he played the titular role in Frank Miller’s adaptation of the popular newspaper comic from the 1940s by Will Eisner, The Spirit. In this movie, Macht plays a very classic, noir-style superhero who darts across rooftops chasing down leads provided to him by friends on the police force all in service of cleaning up the city that he loves. 

The film is very tongue-in-cheek and Macht plays the goofiness and seriousness of the role to perfection. Although it wasn’t a box office darling, the film enjoys a cult following today thanks in large part to his onscreen chemistry with co-star Samuel L. Jackson who is playing The Sprit’s arch nemesis, The Octopus, to campy perfection. 

S.W.A.T. Firefight (2011)

Macht starred in the followup to the 2003 film S.W.A.T. titled S.W.A.T.: Firefight. Like the first movie, the premise of this action-packed romp is simple. Macht’s character goes from Los Angeles to Detroit to train a group of S.W.A.T. hopefuls there. However, a mission with his students goes awry resulting in the death of a hostage. 

The hostage taker, played by Robert Patrick, didn’t want that girl to die and comes back from the situation determined to exact revenge on the entire team he deems responsible for the whole mess. So, the film is essentially Gabriel Macht in a firefight with Robert Patrick’s ghost of a character. 

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