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Suits Star Rick Hoffman's Best Roles Outside Suits

Rick Hoffman did a lot before landing the role of Louis Litt on Suits for nine seasons. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) appears in Season 8 Episode 8 in Suits

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that when Louis Litt was commanding a scene on Suits, viewers paid attention. That’s thanks in large part to the powerhouse performance of actor Rick Hoffman, who expertly brought the character to life after a lengthy career as an actor. 

He’s one of the few characters who stuck with Suits throughout its entire run, but if you’re anything like us, you still want more from Hoffman. Fortunately, you’re in luck. One of the benefits of having a long career in show business before hitting it big on a show like Suits means there are plenty of other projects you can watch Hoffman flex his skills in once you’re done with all of his devious exploits as Litt. 

So, what else has Rick Hoffman been in? Let’s take a look.


OK, maybe we’re biased since Hoffman has played a one-off guest character in a number of popular TV shows like CSI: NY, Chuck, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS, Knight Rider, Ballers and more. However, we here at USA Insider can’t help but favor his turn as Agent Colmes in Season 3, Episode 5 of Monk

The episode sees Monk (Tony Shalhoub) approached by a mobster with a job for him. His initial reaction is to refuse, but Hoffman’s Agent Colmes shows up to convince him to go undercover and get something the FBI can use to finally bust the mafia boss’ crime family. The role is similar to Litt in that Colmes is revealed to be a player in the game who has very little empathy for anyone but himself or his own bottom line. 


In what has been his only role in television since Suits, Hoffman guest starred in a recurring role on the drama Billions where he ditched the courtroom for the operating room as a medical professional who seems more like a fixer than anything else. 

When a character on the show is in declining health, Hoffman’s Dr. Swerdlow is brought in to patch him up through somewhat unethical means. Like Litt, Swerdlow is one of those “ends justify the means” types of professionals, provided the “ends” in this case are a fat paycheck in his pocket.

Jake in Progress

In what was perhaps his biggest TV role prior to Suits, Hoffman played Patrick van Dorn in the short-lived series Jake in Progress, starring the legendary John Stamos as the titular Jake. The series came from the mind of acclaimed creator Chuck Lorre and focused on a New York City publicist to the stars who sets out to change his womanizing ways in an attempt to actually meet the woman of his dreams. In the series, Hoffman plays Patrick Van Dorn. In a stark contrast to his usual characters, Patrick is a performance artist who finds a way to conduct his work at very inopportune times for his best friend, Jake. 


If you came to this list hoping to see Hoffman in another lawyer role, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what he played on the short-lived legal drama, Philly. In the role of Terry Loomis, Hoffman acted as a supporting character to Kim Delaney’s Kathleen Maguire, a moral legal professional who finds herself steeped in the inner workings of a law firm established by very amoral lawyers. Sound familiar to anyone out there? 

The Condemned 

Hoffman isn’t just a TV actor. He had a role in the 2007 film co-starring alongside WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin The Condemned. The film’s premise is simple, a madman rounds up a bunch of prisoners on death row and brings them to an island where they can fight battle royale style for a chance at freedom. Hoffman plays a character named Goldman who helps the villain live stream the murder and mayhem for all the world to see for a profit. However, when he starts to get cold feet and squeamish about the evil endeavor, Hoffman’s character is taken out by his boss out of fear he’ll tank the whole operation. 

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