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Fans Agree: These Are The Best Couples On 'Suits'

Throughout its nine seasons, "Suits" had a variety of women pair off with main characters Mike and Harvey. 

By Tyler McCarthy
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During its nine-season run, “Suits” saw its two main characters navigate the high-stakes legal world together — but they still had time for various romances. While some were good for them, others were downright perplexing and just plain weird. 

For better or worse, though, these relationships helped shape the show in many ways and certainly led to Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) growing as characters during its run. 

Now, as people go back and binge-watch “Suits” on Peacock and others contemplate a possible reunion, it’s time to take a look back at these relationships and see the impact they had on Mike and Harvey and the show at large. 

Mike and Rachel

Obviously, you can’t talk about “Suits” without mentioning its premiere couple, Mike and Rachel Zane. Not only was actress Meghan Markle suddenly thrust into world spotlight after she departed the show in Season 8 to marry Prince Harry, but her character’s will-they-won’t-they romance with Mike was perhaps the biggest storyline the show had. 

The duo circled each other for many seasons before finally getting together and marrying in Season 7. To coincide with Markle’s real-life departure from acting, their characters left the show in Season 8 to open a legal aid clinic in Seattle. However, when it comes to onscreen romances that took place on “Suits,” even people with a cursory understanding of the show will be able to say that Rachel and Mike were the greatest love story the original scripted series told. 

Harvey and Donna

In close second behind Mike and Rachel is notorious playboy Harvey’s decision to finally settle down with Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty). First established in Season 1, Donna was a legal secretary who fit in perfectly with Harvey’s world of intense banter and cutthroat legal maneuvering. 

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Throughout the series, she remains in Harvey’s orbit and they demonstrate an affection for each other that goes beyond professional. However, that also gets them in a lot of trouble. Throughout the series, they have various falling out, but fans knew from the beginning that any love story with a happy ending would mean Harvey ending up with Donna. 

Fortunately for fans, that’s exactly what happened in the final season.

Harvey and Dana “Scottie” Scott

Before anyone can end up with the person they’re supposed to be with, particularly on TV, one must first cut through at least one relationship that doesn't quite work. For Harvey, that was Dana “Scottie” Scott, his college sweetheart. 

The duo graduated from Harvard together before reconnecting later in life. Not only did they work together personally given their longstanding history, but they both had the drive, determination, and casual cruelty necessary to make it in the world of New York law. However, when the time came for them to finally have a live-in relationship, it was Harvey’s commitment to Mike’s secret and not Dana that ultimately undid them. 

While they were certainly good together on paper, Dana helped Harvey realize the kind of man he wanted to be, even if that meant he wasn’t with her. 

Mike and Tess

Speaking of relationships that just didn’t work, Mike’s brief fling with his own friend from the past didn’t exactly go his way either — even if it did lead to a lot of growth. 

In Season 2, Mike reconnected with his childhood friend Tess (Elisabeth Hower). They dated in high school but agreed to break up before she went off to college. However, she stood him up on their last meeting for fear of not being able to say goodbye. All that unfinished business resulted in them rekindling their romance in 2012 when he was struggling with his grandmother’s death. 

The relationship turned physical, but that’s when she revealed a complication: She was married. Mike initially does the right thing and turns her away, but after falling further into his mental health spiral, they engage in an affair. 

He eventually calls it off despite her saying she’ll end her marriage to be with him. In the end, her husband finds out and confronts Mike outside the office. With his lesson learned, he decides to engage, for the most part, in less risky relationships from there on out. 

Harvey and Paula

So, onto the weirdest of the list. 

In Season 7, Harvey begins to suffer panic attacks as a result of Donna leaving his practice to go work with his rival. He begins to see therapist Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole) who helps him through his various issues with women and his mother. 

While that seems fine, somewhere along the line their relationship turned romantic. This is troubling given that Paula had a difficult track record with her patients prior to meeting Harvey, but she still engages in the relationship all the same. 

In the end, though, she gives him an ultimatum that he simply can’t abide. When she demands that he choose between his affection for her and his affection for Donna, the woman he ultimately ends up with on the show, the situation does not go Dr. Agard's way. 

You can watch all of “Suits” on Peacock right now. 

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