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Liv Morgan On Heartwarming Childhood WWE Connection & Current WrestleMania Status

One of the most popular Superstars in WWE history opens up about her incredible fans!

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Liv Morgan Interview

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You wouldn't be wrong if you feel like the WWE Universe has completely embraced Liv Morgan in recent months. 

Liv has climbed to new heights in WWE for the better part of a year now, culminating with a SmackDown Women's title reign that included several victories over established Superstars like Ronda Rousey. However, when looking at her body of work, consider adding Liv's busy outside-the-ring activities, including many notable acting gigs and one downright hilarious viral moment. In that case, you'd come to one crystal-clear realization: Liv Morgan's star has never shined brighter.

USA Insider caught up with Liv just hours before SmackDown this week, marking the second time we've had the pleasure of chatting with one of the world's most-loved WWE Superstars. While we were dying to know what Liv plans next in the WWE and beyond, the conversation mainly consisted of the best part of Liv's career thus far: the WWE Universe and the overwhelming support she receives.

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Every superhero has an origin story, and every WWE Superstar has a childhood encounter with a hero of their own. We asked Liv about her favorite childhood memory involving WWE Superstars she looked up to. She revealed that watching WWE Hall of Famer Lita perform on TV — and a chance encounter — helped shape her future relationship with the WWE Universe.

"When I saw this fiery woman with red hair and baggy pants and sneakers and she's wrestling the boys, I literally saw myself in her because I was wearing baggy pants and sneakers and wrestling my brothers in my backyard," Liv said. "When I watched her on TV I felt like she could be my best friend and I just saw myself in her. I have loved her ever since. When I was about 12 I met her really quickly at a signing and I was wearing this little army onesie and she told me she could tell by my style that I was a fan of hers."

Liv revealed that she took that moment with Lita many years ago to inspire her to make similar connections to members of the WWE Universe today.

"I've actually never told her that to Lita yet," Liv confessed, laughing. "But that interaction stuck with me and shaped me and that's something I want to be able to give back to fans — the feeling that I could be their best friend."

Looking through Liv's social media accounts, you'll see countless interactions and engagement between her and a seemingly never-ending stream of appreciative fans. So we asked her which recent fan interaction has made the most impact on her. Although there's been plenty of young women whose lives Liv Morgan has touched on a personal level, one girl named Kylie stands out in Liv's mind.

"A couple weeks ago I met a fan named Kylie who was hysterical after I lost to Rhea Ripley and we invited her backstage because we couldn't let her go home upset, I had to put a smile on her face," she said. "Even that interaction, I can't put it into words how it feels to know that I can affect people like that. I wanted her to be happy, I wanted her to go home feeling good."

Kyle did end up with a giant smile on her face, all thanks to Liv. Kudos to WWE cameras for capturing the backstage moment between Liv and her future tag team partner, by the way: 

As we spoke with Liv, one thing, in particular, was evident: She is humbled and grateful to be in her position with the fans. "I love my fans so, so much. I feel like I owe so much of my success and what I've been able to accomplish to how much they've believed in me and for constantly making their voices heard. It means more to me than I could ever explain," she said.

In the world of professional wrestling, fans can be toxic. Spend a few minutes on Twitter, and you'll come across hundreds of grown adults lamenting that their favorite wrestler is being "held back" or "not being used properly." That isn't the case for Liv Morgan, whose timeline is dominated by young women who genuinely look up to her, wish her well, and want the best for her. Being a fan of Liv Morgan is genuine, and it's a feeling that Liv herself reciprocates. 

Of course, we couldn't resist asking Liv about the elephant in the room: as of Friday afternoon, she doesn't have a match scheduled for WrestleMania! So, in the spirit of investigative journalism, we had to ask: Will her Road to WrestleMania lead to a match in Los Angeles?

We don't know if Liv was just being coy, but she reiterated the obvious: She is not slated to compete at this year's WrestleMania as of press time. "As we know, in WWE things can change at the drop of the hat, and I'd love to be included," she clarified. "If I don't compete this year, I will take that news gratefully – and make myself so undeniable to where there's no way I will be on the outside looking in next year."

We've got news for Liv: According to the WWE Universe, she's already undeniable.

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