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Blake Shelton and Carson Daly Taste Test Barmageddon's Wheel of Redemption Punishments

The two stars of the game show have different standards when it comes to gross drinks. 

By James Grebey

On Barmageddon, the USA Network game show where celebrities compete in zany pub-style games, the easiest way to win is to simply be better at games like Air Cannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, Drunken Axe Hole, and the unfortunately named Sharts. However, whenever a celebrity loses, they can make up for the point they missed out on by spinning the Wheel of Redemption and bravely ingesting whatever terrible concoction it lands on.

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But, for stars Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, determining what, exactly, those punishing drinks should be is a challenge itself, because the two friends have very different tastes.

Nikki Garcia spins the Wheel of Redemption

“Everything is a little bit bigger and more over the top this season — including our wheel of redemption. We have bigger, better grosser things this year,” Shelton explains in a video promoting the upcoming second season, which premieres on Monday, November 13.

Some of those drinks, with names like “liquid steak,” “hot and bothered,” and “hot dog on a stick,” seem unappealing enough that celebrities — including the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Fast X star Michelle Rodrigez — might think twice about drinking just to make up for one measly point. 

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But, Shelton and Daly also sampled some contenders for the wheel in the video, and while Daly thought they were gross enough to merit inclusion, Shelton thought they were tasty.

Consider the “truck stop martini,” which is made of blue cheese soda, vodka, and a blue cheese-stuffed olive garnish. Shelton said it was “too good,” while Daly disliked it quite a bit, saying that he would call the drink “Smurf ****” if the naming was up to him. 

The “cornholio” elicited a similar response. Made of corn whiskey, corn soda, and baby corn garnish, the drink was good enough by Shelton’s standards that he wouldn’t want it as an option on the Wheel of Redemption. But, maybe that’s just a Blake Shelton issue. 

“I like when you open a can of canned meat, I like the gelatin stuff that’s at the top,” Shelton explained, to Daly’s disgust. Shelton’s just the kind of guy who would order drinks off of the Wheel of Redemption rather than the actual cocktail menu. But, as Daly explained, that’s not the point of Barmageddon.   

“I wanted our wheel to be like Fear Factor,” he said. “You lost in a game, you have to do something gross.”

Check out what gross drinks fabulous celebrities will have to chug when Barmageddon Season 2 premieres on USA Network on Monday, November 13 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. You can watch Barmageddon Season 1 on Peacock.