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Party Fouls And Relationship Disasters: These Are The Funniest 'Temptation Island' Moments

In addition to heartbreak, "Temptation Island" has played home to a lot of hilarious moments over the years. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Kristen Ramos And Julian Allen from Temptation Island

Viewers tune into “Temptation Island” for the romance, the drama, the steamy poolside hookups and, of course, the humor. 

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Over the past four seasons of the hit reality show, there have been as many laughs as there have been heartbreaks. Whether it’s parties run amuck, relationships flaming out in spectacular fashion, or just a well-timed quip from one of the contestants, there’s always something to tickle viewers’ funny bones. 

As we wait to see what will happen in the next season of “Temptation Island” when a new group of couples decides to put their relationship to the ultimate test, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at just some of the moments that made us laugh throughout Seasons 1 through 4.

John’s Package

The group dates are always a great source of camaraderie. Everyone is in a great mood and they’re all smiles as they explore what it’s like to court someone new.  However, when Season 1 contestant John Thurmond was harnessed up at a zipline park, the ladies struggled to focus on their dates once they caught a glimpse of what the equipment did for his nether regions. 

Afterward, in the confessional, the women who were on the date simply couldn’t help but acknowledge the revealing moment, calling his “package” the “highlight of the day.” They even shared a quick toast in its honor. 

Lascelles In The Hot Seat

Let’s all be honest, seeing someone who did wrong get called out in public and squirm is pretty funny. It was hard not to let out a chuckle of relief during the Season 4 reunion when Lascelles Lagares had to answer for hooking up with two other women prior to reuniting with the woman he left the island with, Trace Winningham. 

Alexa Coppola revealed she and Lascelles made out at a party one month before he visited Trace. At the time, he allegedly led her to believe he and Trace weren’t a thing. So, when she called him out at the reunion, he was busted in lie after lie as he tried to snake his way out of the hot seat. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for the rest of us) it didn’t work. 

Rick Scopes Out The ‘Cakes’

You’d think that a scene that opens with someone asking to hear a joke would be noteworthy for the joke itself. Unfortunately, Rick Fleur never gets around to hearing a single’s go-to joke because he gets so easily distracted by — there’s no nice way to put it — booty

As she starts, he audibly gets hot and bothered seeing Samantha Hoffman walking around the villa. He apologizes to the person he’s speaking with because he knows he’s being rude but has to admit there are a lot of distracting butts around. When asked if his current girlfriend has a nice booty he sheepishly replies, “she’s got some cakes.” 

The moment ranks on this list for the sheer brazen inappropriateness and lack of tact exhibited by Rick. 

Julian Physically Avoids Temptation

Julian Allen is one of the biggest success stories from “Temptation Island,” ultimately leaving and marrying the person he came to his season with. However, to get through the experience without succumbing to the allure of the sexy singles in his villa took a little bit of work and, in one instance, physical sacrifice. 

During an angels and devils party, Julian was roped into sitting for a lap dance. However, he immediately knew he didn’t want his girlfriend to see him doing anything like that. So, as a sexy single stepped up to dance on him, he backed up all the way out of his chair.

It’s always funny when someone takes a tumble but doesn’t get hurt, so that’s why his party foul makes this list of top funniest “Temptation Island” moments. 

Juicy Is Here

Every season of “Temptation Island” has a moment in which the couples are introduced to the singles who will be trying to steal their significant other away from them. It’s always a great moment for some yucks as insecurity and hilarious one-liners take center stage. 

While every single person's reveal is funny, Season 4 had some of the biggest laughs. Whether it’s James Patterson bragging about the size of his… heart, or Madelyn Rusinyak revealing her nickname as “Juicy,” there’s something to laugh about with each new single who steps forward as well as the couple’s reaction to them. 

You can catch “Temptation Island” on Peacock right now. 

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