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Cora Jade & Bron Breakker Are WWE's Latest, Greatest Couple. Who Else Has Dated In WWE?

We knew the buildup to tomorrow’s Heatwave event would be hot, but we never thought it would get downright steamy!

By Chris Phelan
Split image of Cora Jade and Bron Breakker

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. Over the weekend, Cora Jade let it slip that she’s in a romantic relationship with another Superstar via a well-timed Instagram story that sent the WWE Universe understandably into a frenzy.

Based on her recent actions on NXT 2.0 — including the shocking disrespect she showed to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships — common sense would say that outside of the ring, Cora Jade might be interested in somebody who is similar to her.

As it turns out, opposites attract.

Her new beau is none other than the reigning NXT Champion Bron Breakker!

Cora Jade's instagram story featuring Bron Breakker

It’s true.

While we wish nothing but the best for the new couple, we are crossing our fingers that this latest development doesn’t take their eyes off their tasks at hand: They both have huge matchups slated for Tuesday’s Heatwave event. Cora Jade is facing off against her ex-bestie Roxanne Perez in a grudge match while Bron Breakker defends his NXT Championship against his toughest challenge yet: JD McDonagh.

Of course, Cora Jade and Bron Breakker aren’t the first Superstars to be linked romantically outside of the ring.

Here are a few other memorable Superstar couples that have gotten quite close outside the squared circle:

Nikki Bella and John Cena

A few paragraphs can’t really do justice to the scope and impact of the Nikki Bella and John Cena relationship because the bond these two Superstars had was second to none.

Of course, it really was the first relationship in WWE history that developed outside of the ring and then permeated into every single aspect of our lives. The Nikki/John relationship was vital to the creation of the hit reality show "Total Divas" (not to mention the incredibly successful spin-off "Total Bellas"). Hollywood took interest in every twist and turn that the pair went through. Not only were they a team behind the scenes, but their relationship often took center stage in some of the most memorable feuds and storylines on television.

Alas, it was a relationship that didn’t go the distance — but what a heck of a ride it was. The WWE Universe still looks back on these two with reverence, and undoubtedly wishes them all the best in the future.

(For the record, they both seem incredibly happy in their latest relationships!)

Maryse and The Miz

As fate would have it, The Miz just happened to be the host of the 2006 WWE Diva Search competition the same year that Maryse was a contestant. The Miz captured her heart outside of the ring, eventually marrying in 2014.

Against all odds, this relationship is still going full steam ahead, as two beautiful children and one hit reality show later, WWE’s IT Couple is truly the current high watermark for relationship goals.

You can catch these two Superstars on "Miz and Mrs," available on USA Network and Peacock.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

It was one of the most iconic moments of the pandemic, not just for the WWE Universe, but for Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. We’re talking about the moment when Lynch announced her pregnancy live on Monday Night Raw and gave up her coveted Raw Women’s Championship in order to be the best mother she could be.

It was an unbelievable moment, and one that cemented the relationship of “The Man” and “The Man’s Man” — as Rollins was briefly tongue-in-cheek known as.

While their paths never truly crossed on television, we can only assume that sparks flew behind the scenes to ignite one of the best and strongest relationships WWE has ever seen.

Today, although their relationship is sometimes alluded to by commentators and other Superstars, they are focusing on their own individual goals in the ring.

Although we have to be honest, the bizarre antics of Seth Rollins over the past few years can really only be explained as a result of the stress of being a new dad … right?

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

No “memorable WWE relationship” list is complete without mentioning the industry-changing relationship between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

What started as purely an on-screen relationship (culminating in a classic Vegas drive-thru wedding that essentially helped define WWE’s “Attitude Era”) developed into something very real behind the scenes.

Their relationship started sometime in 2000, and needless to say we still can’t believe Triple H even attempted to court Stephanie McMahon – dating the boss's daughter is usually the biggest no-no when it comes to finding love!

But nevertheless, true love prevailed, and the happy couple is still going strong behind the scenes in WWE. With Stephanie McMahon taking on the role of co-CEO of WWE and Triple H steering the creative direction of the company, they’re quite far removed from their glory days of the McMahon-Helmsley Era, when the two of them ran rampant over Monday Night Raw, abusing their power every step of the way.

Next year they’ll be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

Cora Jade and Bron Breakker still have a long way to go to reach that mark, but we’ll be rooting for them!