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Seth Rollins Get RKO'd By Riddle Out Of Nowhere After Beating Ezekiel Over A Ketchup Stain

Seth Rollins got feisty after Ezekiel accidentally squirted ketchup all over his white shirt during a July 4th cookout, but it wouldn't be his last embarrassment of the day.

By Gina Tron
Seth Rollins

A squirt of ketchup over one of Seth Rollin’s colorful shirts ignited a match that ultimately may cause him to blow up like a faulty firework.

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During a Fourth of July cookout party, hosted by The Street Profits, Ezekiel made a little oopsie while attempting to flavor his hot dog with some ketchup. It sprayed all over Seth Rollins’ white shirt. Rollins, always the hot head, reacted with seething anger. Ezekiel tried to soak up some of the condiment with a bun but it only seemed to propel Rollins further into madness. Rollins broke out in maniacal laughter before having a taste of the ketchup and walking off.

On WWE’s Monday Night Raw later that night, Rollins was all cleaned up and he and Ezekiel had an official match over the condiment folly. 

And Rollins was clearly seeing a ketchup-shade of red. As soon as the bell rang, Rollins attacked Ezekiel, dropping him and unleashing a torrent of stomps on him.

But Ezekiel is not an easy one to beat. He hit back with a German suplex which Rollins to seek a breather outside the ring. Ezekiel chased him right back in only to be hit with a neckbreaker. Later, Ezekiel dodged a superplex and successfully executed a rope-assisted powerbomb on Rollins.

By the end though, the man drenched in ketchup earlier in the day beat out Ezekiel with The Stomp before securing a pin.

It was a win for Rollins but it wasn’t without further embarrassment for the vain Superstar. During his triumph, as Rollins continued to berate Ezekiel, he was was RKO-ed out of nowhere by Riddle. 

It was quite the surprise for Rollins. Riddle and Rollins had duked it out, amongst six others, at the Money in the Bank ladder match over the weekend. And while neither won – Theory, a surprise late entrant to the field, reigned supreme – Riddle did eliminate Rollins from the match with a Super RKO off the ladders. Apparently, he wasn't finished RKO-ing Rollins.

Seeing as Seth Freakin’ Rollins has a knack for holding a grudge, only time will tell how he will process this humiliating blow.

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