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John Cena's Latest Mysterious Instagram Post Has Us Feeling Nostalgic

Even when he’s not competing in a WWE ring, John Cena can still manage to whip the world into a frenzy.

By Chris Phelan
John Cena and Bray Wyatt

John Cena's Instagram account famously contains the following bio:

“Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.”

Over the years, Cena — arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all time — has used Instagram in a unique way. Some images seem random, some seem appropriate to reflect on whatever Cena is involved in at the moment, and some seem to have a message attached to it despite the lack of captions.

In the wee hours of the morning of Aug. 11, Cena — never a stranger to using social media to stir conversation — posted a heck of an image for the entire world to interpret:

So why did John Cena post this particular image?

The image, liked by over 157,000 users in an eight-hour span, was most likely posted as simply a nod to the past by the 16-time world champion.

John Cena, for whatever reason, is simply feeling nostalgic.

Having been in the WWE for over 20 years, Cena has had more opponents than he has time to post about them on Instagram. The most likely reasoning for this post is that this particular feud — which culminated with a match at WrestleMania — represented the kind of outside-the-box storytelling that WWE excels at.

Maybe John Cena was in between takes while shooting his latest Hollywood blockbuster, saw something on set that reminded him of this particular day, and decided to post about it.

Maybe John Cena was watching some of his classic matches on Peacock and decided to whip the wrestling world into a frenzy by posting what many believe to be an image intentionally designed to get people talking.

Is the reasoning behind Cena posting this particular image a “pull back the curtain” moment to signify something is about to happen?


With Cena’s Instagram account having nearly 18 million followers, it would be bizarre for a company man like himself to spoil anything that is meant to be played out on WWE television. What’s next, John Cena posting the rundown for each episode of "Monday Night Raw"?

It’s time to set the record straight: This latest Instagram post is a simple hat tip to one of his favorite opponents. There’s nothing more to dig up, theorize, or speculate.

John Cena is the same man who posted an image of the official rules of Wiffle Ball for goodness’ sake.

We’ll be honest, though. This latest post has accomplished one thing for sure: It’s made us very nostalgic to fire up Peacock and check out a very particular WrestleMania match.