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Becky Lynch Delivers Injury Update On 'RAW' & Shows Respects To ... Bianca Belair?

Becky Lynch emerged on Monday Night RAW last night with a new attitude and — for the first time ever — showed Bianca Belair some respect.

By Ethan Absler
Becky Lynch speaking in the ring

Separating her shoulder at SummerSlam must’ve flipped some sort of switch in her head because Becky Lynch emerged on Monday Night RAW last night with a new attitude and — for the first time ever — showed Bianca Belair some respect.

Lynch made her way to the ring to kick off the evening, walking slowly and sporting a sling on her right arm. The speech she made was clearly meant to be humble, and fans immediately accepted Lynch back in this position. She invited Belair out to the ring and the two finally shared a legitimate handshake. Belair proceeded to say she also has nothing but respect for Lynch because she made her work hard to retain the title.

Her speech was straightforward (watch above) and Lynch left the ring to a thunderous ovation from fans. Big Time Becks was finally back, just the way fans want her. As Belair continued her victory speech in the ring, the new trio of Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai appeared on screen, attacking Becky Lynch backstage. The group targeted Lynch’s injured arm with a steel chair before referees were able to separate the women. Belair rushed backstage to help her unlikely new friend, but was just too late to save her; the segment ended with Belair trying to help the injured Lynch backstage.

Later in the night, the faction would make their presence felt for the second time when they would enter the ring during Alexa Bliss vs Asuka and attack both women. Belair would emerge to help even up the odds which resulted in Iyo Sky vs Belair later in the episode.

Belair and Sky’s match was solid, with both women almost winning a couple of times. The competitive match eventually broke down and a brawl between all six women ensued, ending the match in a no contest.

The return of Bayley heading a new faction with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky immediately changes the landscape of the entire Women’s division. In addition, Lynch’s new disposition significantly shakes up the roster and gives the division the option to go in a new direction.

Looking at Bayley’s new stable, all three women are former champions in their own right. Between Bayley’s wrestling mastermind, Sky’s in-ring genius, and Kai’s intensity, these three women are a new force to be reckoned with in the WWE. The entire women’s division has been put on notice, as these three Superstars are here to stay.

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