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Artist Behind Viral 'Chucky Cheese' Photos Speaks Out About The Lighthearted Hoax

Many "Chucky" fans took notice of a series of images that made it seem like an arcade based on the character had opened up somewhere.

By Tyler McCarthy
Chucky Cheese Pizza2

Recently, “Chucky” fans may have seen images of a restaurant inspired by both the horror icon and the famous children’s arcade and pizza joint, Chuck E. Cheese. Sadly, the viral "Chucky Cheese" restaurant is not real — merely a clever piece of 3D artwork constructed by artist Cabel Adams. 

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Adams, an X-Ray technician who makes 3D models and “mixed art” photos under the name SIRIU$ in his spare time, told USA Insider he likes putting these fake photos out into the world to spark people’s imagination. 

“That’s kind of what I do, that’s kind of my niche,” he said. “I spend weeks on this to make every shadow look real. I want people to believe that stuff. It’s just fun. Once they look through my profile, they get what’s going on.” 

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Although a lot of his artwork looks both hyper-realistic and playfully imaginary, he was surprised that the Chucky Cheese concept blew up on social media the way it did. After sharing a collection of 32 photos on Facebook over the weekend, the post had 100,000 shares within 24 hours and even got the attention of “Chucky” actress Jennifer Tilly.

Chucky Cheese Pizza4

“I thought the concept was so stupid that it was so funny to me,” he said with a laugh. “I’m just shocked at how many people love that. A lot of people were actually sad that it’s not real. It just shows you how many people love Chucky. It’s so weird.” 

In fact, the photos seemed so real and so many people wanted to believe there was a real Chucky-themed arcade — complete with an animatronic band, a severed bowel tunnel, and a knife-tossing board featuring the actual Chuck E. Cheese — that multiple people called and visited the local mall hoping to take Chucky up on his typical offer to play. 

Adams told USA Insider that the mall he used as a backdrop contacted him asking if he’d remove the photos so people would stop inquiring about the non-existent establishment. However, he has no plans to do that after how much effort he put into the images. 

In total, Adams explained the entire collection of photos took him about a month of nearly full-time work to get done. Not only did he have to sculpt all the pieces in 3D, but he had to keep going back and forth to his local mall to get the background shots he used. Just to make it that much more believable, he incorporated some shots of the arcade that didn’t have any of his 3D models in them. 

The project was a labor of love for the artist, who uses a lot of horror characters such as Pinhead and Pennywise in his art. However, he admitted he hadn’t watched the “Child’s Play” movies in years. The reason he, like many, always has Chucky on the brain is from seeing the horror icon on the cover of movie cases at rental stores when he was a kid. 

“We didn’t have the Internet, we just had a few horror characters in our lives,” he explained. “We had like Freddy and then Chucky. They were a big deal back in the day.” 

However, in addition to showing off his dance moves, his Chucky Cheese concept going viral inspired him to get caught up and he immediately identified with the USA Network and SYFY series’ main character Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur). Particularly, his propensity for unique artwork. 

“I felt like I had a lot in common with him because, my whole house was full of weird doll heads and I felt like I was cast away from society and people looked down on me,” Adams explained. "I just loved it. It’s such an awesome show.” 

So, although the Chucky Cheese concept he created is still just a figment of his imagination, he hopes one day someone builds a space for horror fans to have a good time.

"That would be the coolest thing in the whole world! I’m a weird dude, that’s the kinda thing I love to just sit around and think about," he said. "I think of how many people this thing has touched and I think someone is going do that." 

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