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'It's A Love-Hate Thing': Alex Vincent's Been Prepping To Get Tortured By 'Chucky' For Decades

For Alex Vincent, Chucky has "been over my shoulder in one way or another, metaphorically, my whole life."

By Caitlin Busch
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Chucky dished out a new kind of torture on his long-time nemesis Andy Barclay in "Chucky" Season 2, Episode 6, "He Is Risen Indeed." Last week, when Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) followed a trail of dismembered Good Guy dolls, they stumbled across "Colonel Chucky" and his cabin of horrors. Inside — being flayed apart and roasted piece-by-piece over a fire — was Andy, who's been held there, tortured, and cannibalized by the Colonel for nearly a year since his fated, "Thelma & Louise"-style maybe-death at the top of the season.

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While our young heroes ultimately free Andy from this nightmare-fueled shack in the woods, there's been some concern amongst the "Child's Play" fandom up to this point that he'd met his maker. However, OG Andy actor Alex Vincent assured USA Insider's Stephanie Gomulka that he had faith in "Chucky" fans and their ability to understand the truth.

"I think a lot of horror fans, first of all, they know that you know if they don't see a body, the character's probably not dead," he explains. "But I think more than that, they didn't really expect Andy to go out like that."

"Although I think it would have been kind of fitting. Chucky has turned the tables on Andy a little bit," he muses.

Since reaching adulthood in the "Child's Play" film franchise, it's been Andy's mission to put an end to the purveyor of his childhood trauma. Mostly, Vincent acknowledges, "by torturing [Chucky] and gaining knowledge from him."

In "Cult of Chucky" (2017), fans witnessed how Andy was able to harness his pain and anger and take it out on a severed Chucky head that he kept locked away to spend hours at a time torturing. Vincent calls that time together an ironic kind of "bonding moment," and sees this role reversal in the series as a kind of inevitability that relates to his own years with his friend 'til the end.

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"It's a love-hate thing, but the time that Chucky spent at the mercy of Andy has been reversed and now Andy has spent the last year kind of in his own personal hell suffering his greatest fear come to life at the hands of his arch nemesis," he says. "It's heavy for me in the parallels of Chucky [being] in my life — which of course is been mostly a blessing. I mean it's something I'm incredibly grateful for, but he's been over my shoulder in one way or another, metaphorically, my whole life. Luckily I don't get tortured quite the same way. My fate isn't as dark as Andy Barclay's, but there are some parallels there, metaphorically, that I relate to and that I was able to draw from emotionally for that."

Find out what happens next in Chucky and Andy's love-hate relationship when new episodes of "Chucky" Season 2 premiere on Wednesday nights on USA Network and SYFY at 9/8c. You can catch up on Season 1 of "Chucky" on Peacock.

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