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Billy Boyd Reveals How That 'Chucky' Finale Cameo Came To Be: 'It's Been A Few Minutes'

Yes, that was Billy Boyd voicing Glen and Glenda in the 'Chucky' Season 2 finale. The actor explained he hopes he's not done there. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The Season 2 finale of “Chucky” saw actor Billy Boyd reprise his role as the voice of Glen and Glenda, now going by the moniker GG. Speaking to USA Insider, the actor revealed how that exciting cameo came together. 

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Boyd first joined the franchise as the voice of Glen and Glenda in the 2004 movie “Seed of Chucky,” where he played the titular child of Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany Valentine. The movie ended with Glen and Glenda making their way into two separate human bodies, which is where “Chucky” Season 2 picked up. However, now that both souls are back within the body of the original doll, Boyd jumped at the chance to return as the voice of GG. 

For him, the decision to return was simply a matter of waiting for his good friend, franchise creator Don Mancini, to simply ask him. 

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“I’ve remained a good friend of Don,” Boyd explained. “As well as being super talented and intelligent, he’s such a lovely person. So I’ve seen him off and on.”

He explained they first met ahead of the filming of “Seed of Chucky” in the early 2000s. Mancini came to London and the duo met for lunch to discuss the role. Just days later, Boyd was in the recording booth voicing Glen and Glenda.

The actor, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the franchise even before he was cast in the 2004 horror sequel, said he was excited to learn it was coming to TV and was one of the first to know that Glen and Glenda would be returning to the doll. 

“He said ‘Oh, at the end of this season, I think we’re going to bring the doll back,’” Boyd revealed. “And I thought ‘Oh, great! It’s been a few minutes.’ So, I was excited about it.” 

In particular, he was excited to see what Mancini was going to do with characters who are so complex. In addition to tackling their non-binary identity in “Seed of Chucky,” the movie dealt with the abandonment issues that stemmed from their murderous parents. By the end of the movie, those issues were far from resolved and continued to play out in “Chucky” Season 2 when the twins returned. 

“When Glen and Glenda were coming back as real characters, not a doll, Don spoke to me then and was telling me who it was and I just thought it was such a lovely idea,” Boyd explained. “Everything he’s doing in the show, I think, is just really intelligent and kind of important just now. As well as being Chucky the killer doll, there’s some great, really important storylines in there.” 

Boyd notes that he hopes he can continue to tell these important stories within the Chucky franchise. Mancini has noted several times that he’s willing to continue doing things in this franchise for as long as anyone will allow him. He even floated the idea of a musical and several spinoffs at this year’s New York Comic Con. So, would Boyd be open to reprising his role in something like that? 

“I’m open to do whatever Don wants me to do,” he concluded. “I am a big Don Mancini fan and whatever ideas come from that, I’m open to having a look, for sure.”

Catch up on past episodes of the USA Network and SYFY original “Chucky” on Peacock right now. 

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