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Bianca Belair Talks Jade Cargill's WWE Arrival and How She Copes With Anxiety

One of WWE's biggest Superstars, Bianca Belair, sheds light on a few hot topics in the wrestling industry.

By Chris Phelan
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If we had to describe Bianca Belair's WWE career thus far, one word comes to mind:

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We're not saying Bianca has had everything handed to her or that she hasn't worked hard. We're simply stating that everything Bianca does looks effortless. She was born to be a WWE Superstar, a champion, and a pioneer. It's a testament to her work ethic, charisma, and world-class athleticism that she has made her ascent to the top of WWE look effortless. She's the prototypical WWE Superstar.

How Does Bianca Belair See Jade Cargill in the WWE Women's Division?

Jade Cargill smiling while holding her AEW belt over her left shoulder

Enter Jade Cargill. Bianca Belair may have accidentally given Jade a blueprint for success in WWE – a blueprint that someone like Jade Cargill can follow in detail. Bianca proved that if you look the part and act the part, the WWE Universe will buy into everything you do; athleticism is the cherry on top. Fortunately, she doesn't feel threatened by Jade's recent WWE debut – in fact, she welcomes her into the locker room. In a recent interview with Uproxx, Belair opened up about her thoughts on Cargill, Black representation, the women's division, and her struggles with anxiety and depression. 

"It's always been a huge goal and mission of mine to bring myself and my culture and representation to WWE," confessed Bianca. "And it's only going to get bigger with Jade coming in the picture. There's so many amazing possibilities that can come out of it, singles matches, tag matches. Going from being one of the first Black females to main event WrestleMania and now having Jade come in, it's just showing how much WWE is evolving and continues to evolve."

While Jade hasn't made her in-ring debut yet, her recent appearances on WWE television have captivated the WWE Universe – fans have been calling her a "real-life superhero."

How Does Bianca Belair See Herself in WWE?

Bianca Belair sticks her tongue out in a pink outfit in the ring

We recently reported that Jade Cargill specifically cites Bianca as her "WrestleMania dream match" – so it wouldn't surprise us if the two Superstars met in the ring sooner rather than later! However, if Jade thinks she can waltz into WWE and dethrone Bianca from the top of the food chain, she may have another thing coming.

"We all collectively add to this division," Bianca declared. "And I'm just grateful that I'm one of the women that can bring my dish to the table. I want to be the main dish. We're all fighting to be the entree, but that's what makes the meal even better. You're the girl that's the top. You're the girl that gets to show this women's division. It means everything."

Bianca Belair's struggles with anxiety and depression aren't something she openly broadcasts, but savvy members of the WWE Universe are familiar with her hardships. Yes, even the "est" Supersatr struggles with the "Sunday scaries" – just like many of us. Somewhat surprisingly, Bianca revealed that she turns to NBC Sunday Night Football as a stress reliever as the weekends draw close. NBC Sports recently announced a partnership with Bianca, who will serve as an ambassador to sports fans of all ages to combat the "Sunday Scaries."

How Does Bianca Belair Cope With Anxiety?

Bianca Belair in the ring

"The Sunday Scaries, it's the feeling of anxiety that you get every Sunday before the start of your new work week," she explained. "Everybody knows that I've struggled with depression, I still struggle with anxiety. So, I was really excited because they're making football more than just a game. And they're using it to jumpstart people's work weeks to take the scaries out of their Sundays."

Just like she fights for better Black and female representation in WWE, Bianca fights against common misconceptions about caring for your mental frame of mind.

"Sunday Night Football is one of the ways that I'm able to jumpstart my week, and I've just had so many amazing memories with football," revealed Belair. "It's a form of self-care and self-care has this misconception when people think of it being spas and candles and cucumbers and that's not always what self-care is. It's things that you enjoy and that's what NBC Sports is doing. They have these nationwide watch parties and it brings people together that just love football and it gives them an unforgettable night."

In the end, Bianca Belair loves turning off the hyper-competitive WWE Superstar side of herself and focusing on something else entirely – namely, rooting for her favorite teams and players every Sunday night.

"We're usually leaving a show where we're the ones back in the competitive environment, so it allows us to step outside of that and we get to be the fans and we get to be the ones that boo and cheer and have our teams that we're going for," Belair says. "So it just brings us back down to normalcy and it's able to jumpstart our week and it helps soothe my anxiety. That's my best form of self-care and I feel like I can get all that with Sunday Night Football."

We're sure Bianca is looking forward to NBC Sunday Night Football on October 15, when star running back Saquon Barkley and the rest of his New York Giants teammates roll into Buffalo to take on Josh Allen and the Bills! And as far as the seemingly-inevitable clash between Bianca and Jade is concerned, it looks like the WWE Universe will be given a classic match in due time. 

For now, it's all about being patient.

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