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In 'Barmageddon' Episode 4, Jay Pharoah Takes On Martin Kove: The Highlights

Martin Kove went up against Jay Pharoah on the latest episode of "Barmageddon," and trash talk reigned supreme. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Sometimes trash talk can be embarrassing — other times it can be a powerful motivator to improve someone’s performance. Such was the case for comedian Jay Pharoah in his game against “Karate Kid” legend Martin Kove on the latest episode of “Barmageddon.” 

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The duo kicked off a wild day of bar games with a series favorite, Beer Bombs, which sees them shoot balls from a balcony into massive cups in what is possibly the world’s largest game of pong. Pharoah did a masterful Kevin Hart impression, earning his team the right to decide the shooting order. Ever the sportsman and “Karate Kid” fan, he let Kove’s side shoot first.

But with the help of his Viral VIP, the actor’s team showed no mercy by sinking two shots in a row. The pressure was on for Pharoah in what was doubtlessly the biggest highlight from the episode. 

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Shelton took pity on the comedian and blamed his fashionable purple jacket for restricting his movement while trying to shoot. 

“We’re swag over here, you know what I’m saying?” Pharoah said in response. 

“Well, swag would be getting it in the cup,” host Nikki Bella slyly responded. 

That bit of smack talk was all Pharoah needed to find his motivation and get his head in the game. He not only sunk his next shot, but got the coveted golden cup, which is worth two. Thanks to some gentle ribbing from the WWE Superstar, the game was all tied up.

Next thing you know, the comedian’s hot streak continued and he landed his next shot as well. 

Their lead didn’t last long as Kove’s Viral VIP soon tied things up before sinking another two. This forced Pharoah’s team into a position in which they had to land their next three shots and hope Kove’s side didn’t get another. With the help of an audience member’s cowboy hat, things were looking up for Pharoah’s side as his VIP sunk the first shot.

Sadly, Kove tapped into his inner karate master and landed one more, earning his side the win. 

Still, what started as a runaway victory for the “Cobra Kai” actor turned into one of the most nail-biting rounds of Beer Bombs the show has seen thanks in large part to some well-timed trash talk from Bella. 

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