El Juicio

Queen of the South El Juicio

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Teresa’s plan is working just fine. Selling through the dark web, cutting out the middle man, and turning product into champagne were clever moves. Thirty million dollars the first month is a good start. Everything looks fine until Devon Finch appears at Perla Blanca, the winery. He’s taken Kelly Anne as a hostage and demands Mendoza show up. He has some things to talk about with her...

Who’s lying?

La Fuerza

Queens of the South La Fuerza

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

New town, new rules

After rescuing them in Malta, James is driving Teresa Mendoza and Pote to their new place in Phoenix. But first they stop by a diner to get a coffee. James wants them to see for themselves how the police deal with illegals and “crime” in Arizona. All of a sudden, Sheriff Mayo enters, nailing a poor dishwasher. So, this is the guy they’ll be dealing with? 

Reina de Oros

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

It’s been two days since Pote took a brutal beating that left him unconscious. When he wakes up, Teresa is there by his side. The people who tortured him will pay for it, he promises, but James lets him know they are already dead. As soon as Pote hears his voice, he wants to get out of that bed and kill him, but Teresa asks him to take it easy -- now James is part of her team too. Besides, she’ll need them sound and healthy for a decisive meeting she’ll have with Rocco de la Peña.

Risky business


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