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Chucky Gives M3GAN & Other Killer Dolls a Piece of His Mind in Season 3, Episode 5

Chucky is in rough shape, but he still thinks he's better than these other killer dolls.

By Grace Jidoun

Being stuck in bed is a drag, but dying of old age after your evil deity has forsaken you has pushed Chucky (Brad Dourif) to the brink in Season 3, Part 2 of the SYFY and USA Network original series. As part two of the season kicks off, things are looking bleak for our favorite killer doll who, after a botched exorcism, can’t jump into a host body or even jump out of Henry Collin’s bed at the White House, where he is “convalescing.”

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SPOILER ALERT: This article will discuss Season 3, Episode 5 of Chucky

In Episode 5, fans see just how hopeless “life” has become for Chucky when he sneaks bleach into the housecleaner’s drink and can’t enjoy the resulting death.

“Do you ever feel like the thrill is gone, like nothing even matters anymore?” he laments. Enter the tried-and-true cure for despair and boredom: binge-watching your favorite films.

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You can probably guess Chucky’s genre of choice: Killer doll horror! During Chucky's triumphant return for Season 3, he seems to get some of his spark back by watching spooky flicks. And by "watching" we mean he’s sitting up and heckling his rival dolls. His fellow pint-size murderers want exactly what he wants: a happy family to terrorize and, of course, immortality. They all have similar dreams and goals, but one doll in particular gets under Chucky’s skin.

What did Chucky say about M3GAN?


“Kill me now!” Chucky yelled at his TV as the notorious blonde-haired doll, M3GAN twirled across the screen in a way that seemed to defy gravity. The startlingly realistic doll, which made her debut in 2023, is fueled by rogue AI technology, which gives her the ability to move more fluidly and effortlessly than, say, Chucky, who is a toy from the ‘80s. 

Chucky tunes in to see the infamous scene in which M3GAN creepily begins dancing toward her latest victim and comes at him with a paper cutter. It’s too much for Chucky, whose signature weapon has been a butcher knife for decades.

“Little b--ch, she stole my moves!" he shouts at the screen. "F--k you, M-'Three'-gan,” he yells at the screen as he raises his middle finger.

Ouch! M3GAN’s smooth moves have upped the ante for evil playthings everywhere. But Chucky has nothing to worry about. As he likes to say, “A true classic never goes out of style.”

Still, the moment from the episode marks the latest shot fired in M3GAN and Chucky's war of words (so far). 

What other killer doll movies was Chucky watching?

We have to admit that Chucky has interesting taste in movies, going for lesser-known but extremely scary films. When it comes to terrifying toys, porcelain dolls rank up there with the best of them. The Boy (2006), directed by William Brent Bell, follows a British nanny and a “child” she is charged to take care of, a porcelain doll named Brahms with creepy glass eyes. Ever the heckler, Chucky dismissed this slow-burn psychological thriller as “a joke” — we’re guessing he’s more of a slasher fan.

Chucky then tuned into Dead Silence (2007), a supernatural horror film about an evil dummy possessed by a dead ventriloquist who was buried with her collection of dolls and puppets. Directed by James Wan, who brought us iconic horror films like Saw, The Conjuring, and the Insidious franchise, Dead Silence has flown under the radar but not for Chucky, who noted that “this one didn’t even get a franchise.”

It's unclear what other movies are on Chucky’s watchlist, but we’d love to find out.

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