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Jennifer Tilly Talks Tiffany’s Vulnerability in Chucky's "Emotional" Return

Jennifer Tilly explained why Tiffany keeps taking Chucky back and it's not really about him.

By Stephanie Gomulka

When actress Jennifer Tilly thinks of her iconic character, Tiffany Valentine, in the Chucky franchise, she thinks of “sparkles.” And yet, behind any elaborate costumes (some admittedly from her own closet) is a vulnerable character yearning for love, according to Tilly.  

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In an interview with SYFY Wire, she touched on more emotional moments Tiffany will go through this season.

Actress Jennifer Tilly Opens Up About “The Key to Tiffany” Ahead of New Episodes

Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) wears sunglasses and stands in front of trucks in Chucky 304.

Season 3 left off with Tiffany behind bars on death row and her fate up on the air.

“I find Tiffany to be very vulnerable in jail and she’s having the guards bring her things to cheer up, but she’s basically like a nine-year-old,” Tilly said. “She’s starting to get very afraid that she might not be able to dig herself out of this one.”

Chucky first met audiences with the 1988 movie Child’s Play starring Alex Vincent as the young Andy Barclay who gets the doll for his birthday. The story was by Don Mancini, who writes and executive produces the TV series. Tilly first played Tiffany on-screen in the 1998 flick Bride of Chucky.

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Tilly teased some “quite emotional” scenes coming up this season, including Tiffany realizing just how much she loves Chucky.

“I have to say, I prefer the scenes where there’s murder and mayhem going all around me and Tiffany’s lighting a cigarette,” Tilly joked.

In addition to her stint as Tiffany, she starred iconic films like in Liar, Liar, The Haunted Mansion, and even voiced Celcia Mae in Monster’s Inc.

“I was getting some scripts, and I was like, 'Oh, no. Oh my gosh, I have to cry,'” Tilly said about the new episodes of Chucky. “I can cry. I don’t really enjoy crying. I’m more of a comedic actress.”

Why Does Tiffany Valentine Go Back to Chucky? Jennifer Tilly Weighs In

A split image of Tiffany Valentine and Chucky talking on the phone

Tiffany wants to be a perfect mother with a perfect house, according to Tilly. She also wants to really "be loved."

“She wants to have a good relationship with, you know, her man, which is Chucky,” Tilly said. “Unfortunately… [That's never going to happen because her man is Chucky.”

Another desire is also out of reach.

“She’s never going to be a good mother because she’s not emotionally equipped to be a mother, but these are the things she wants and I think that’s the key to Tiffany… She likes killing, but I think killing more of a hobby. It’s not what drives her.”

The actress sees the Chucky and Tiffany as “bound for life.”

“I think she is bound to Chucky,” Tilly said about her character’s inclination to always go back to the killer doll despite their rocky relationship.

Tiffany dreams of an “All-American” family unit, Tilly explained.

“She loves Chucky so much,” she added, noting Tiffany thinks she can change him. “She’s always going to have a toxic dysfunctional relationship with this person, but they are definitely, definitely bound together.”

Chucky may just be “a little plastic doll,” but his love and need for Tiffany humanizes him, Tilly said.

Check out the latest schemes and sparkles Tiffany gets into Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY and USA Network.

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