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The Chucky Cast Marvel at Working With Brad Dourif for the First Time: "Just Genius"

Chucky had a very special guest star in Episode 7 in the form of legendary actor Brad Dourif.

By Ama Ofosu

Actor Brad Dourif is back in action as Charles Lee Ray for the first time in years in Chucky Season 3, Part 2. While many of the cast's younger members are seasoned pros at dealing with Chucky, they had a lot to say about working in-person with the Oscar-nominated actor for the first time.

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SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of this article will discuss Chucky Season 3, Episode 7

Everyone's favorite killer doll show is halfway through the second part of Season 3, proving to be a bloody good time for all. At the moment, Chucky is still in the White House having ramped up his killing spree. However, when Chucky was dying (thank you, Catholic curse), he died in the most significant way he has yet in Episode 6. Just after sending a nuke to the North Pole, Chucky disintegrated into thin air. But if there's one thing we know about Chucky, he always comes back. And return he does, only this time he's a ghost rather than a soul in the body of a Good Guy Doll. 

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The move marks the first time Brad Dourif has appeared on-screen in the Chucky franchise since a brief flashback in the 2013 movie, Curse of Chucky. With his haunting (pun intended) reappearance, the cast got to interact with Dourif, who until now has merely been the iconic voice of Chucky in the TV series, for the first time. Dourif, a legend in the acting world, undeniably adds depth to the show, as seen during Episode 7 when he makes an absolute mockery of his own seance. SYFY WIRE spoke with Zackary Arthur, Alyvia Lind, and Bjorgivn Arnason (who play Jake, Lexy, and Devon respectively), about their experience working with the iconic actor who has been in their orbit for quite some time.

Charles Lee Ray speaks with Chucky in Chucky Episode 307.

They all expressed a similar sentiment, which is that working with Dourif was undoubtedly fun. Meeting him in person and witnessing his craft firsthand was particularly memorable for Lind.

"It's really great to get to meet him and work with him," she said. "And see him working, like, in person, and to get to see the voice come out of him instead of coming out of the animatronic doll. It was just really interesting to just kind of get to know him as a person and get to finally work with him face-to-face rather than hearing him on a recording."

Brad Dourif has been voicing Chucky since the inception of the film franchise, starting with Child's Play in 1988. To describe him as an icon is an understatement. Dourif has also appeared in numerous other films, such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestThe Exorcist III, and the original Dune. The seasoned horror film actor surely knows how to create a jump scare, which was at play during the seance scene in Episode 7.

"That was such an experience, with all the wind machines and then you hear Brad Dourif in the back, screaming at the top of his lungs," Arthur added. "Brad Dourif himself was just genius. I mean, with his acting, he is a master class if you watch him. So, it's definitely a lot of fun working with a legend like that."

Arnason agreed noting that it was also interesting to just be able to chat with the actor between takes like everyone else on the cast, despite his legendary status on the set. However, despite how much fun they were having watching the actor do his thing, the kids noted that the seemingly record-breaking amount of blood in that scene made it a little difficult to shoot. In short, the prop blood was apparently very cold. 

"We were getting rained on with blood while the crazy wind machines were going," Lind explained. "So it was just so much cold air onto us while we were getting rained on an already cold, really cold, sound stage because sound stages are just naturally really freezing all the time. So, it was definitely a cold experience, but also extremely fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We had the best time, and we were all just... It was really our raw reactions when you're watching that scene because we're really all just, like, 'Oh my God. Oh my God!' Like, it was so much going on and just too much to even comprehend. Getting to yell at Brad in that scene was definitely one of my highlights of the season."

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Reporting by Stephanie Gomulka

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